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Board Meeting

July 9, 2013



Nate B


Justin Triplett


Matt Arnold

Gary Morin

Brian Wennberg

Greg Smith

Dave Scholl

Terry Wynn

Steve F00F

Kathy joyce

Roger S


MAtt O

Nate W

Paul K.

start 7:30





we have so much money! For the month of June $4692 income Expenses $4410.78 $281

Dues (Total): 4,512.00

Dues (Amazon): 3,681.00 (80 members)

Dues (Cash/Check): 831.00 (16 members)

T-Shirt Sales: 180.00

Total Income for June: $4,692.00

WOW Internet: 74.65

DTE Energy: 1,152.04

Westfield Group: 82.99

Water Bill: 403.02

Potlock: 373.56

Rent: 2130.00

Bank fees: 30.25

Runco Waste: 90.97

Consumers Energy: 73.30

Amazon fees: 104.98

Total Expenses for June: $4,410.78

Total Profit for June: $281.22

Emergency fund: 5,009.16

General fund: 14,747.55

Laser fund: 1,420.00

Vinyl fund: 112.00

Welding fund: 75.00

Something is wrong with the water bill. The electrical bill needs to be sent to B Nektar to split

Machine Shop Proposal - Brian W

Brian outlined his proposal that was sent to the board mailing list. $600 budget. The list of tools that we need is in there. A lot of this is up for discussion

Opinions are shared about the spending of the money

Matt O- is the proposal in a state that it can be voted on now?

Consensus says yes - Board votes over 2/3rd is in favor-- motion for machine shop carries. The proposal includes the purchase of a mill and other tools.


Pot Lock Date

August 3rd or 10th

Cleanup before sparkfun and after makerfaire.

August 10th was put on the calendar.

Vision Meeting Scheduled - Roger/Nate B taking the lead?

on the calendar for thursday night at 7:30

Yay roger and Nate B!

Roger- its a work in progress

Recommendations to board from the Committee of Rules/policies/guidelines/procedures etc Marie--

Summary of what the current rules are and how we can reduce the officer and board workload, to free up more time for the hacking, making, inventing, innovating and inspiring. Marie-

Rules are not followed or enforced, leads to frustrations, no one has the same opinions

Marie: shares her amendment suggestions abridged, the board would like her to send a copy of them electronically so they can review them and vote on them at the next board meeting opinions are shared by the group about the amendments

What entities have what power? Does the board have the power the veto?

Membershp Dues

Directors Vote

6 out of 7 vote yes to decrease core membership dues to $49 -- proposal is to be posted to core members for a vote - brodie will do this tonight

Board members Present Matt A Nate B Nate W Maddy Karen

2/3 vote is reached and motion passed-- vote will be pushed to the list for their vote.

parking tickets

Nate W- I was mainly getting at the stuff that was here, but it is now gone. There are a bunch of things sitting with expired parking permits and with parking tickets on them.

Problems with parking tickets are shared.

Should Zone wardens should be able to issue parking permits?

Budget Proposal

Roger S- sent the budget proposal to the board. The intent is to give the board and the membership a better look ahead and to give some people some authority.

Vote to use roger’s Budget process

6 out 7 vote yes

Yay new Budget process!

New business

Brian W- Moving the CNC yay he called them today and tryiong to figure out what the moving costs are going to be for the CNC

End 8:54

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