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2013-08-13 i3Detroit

Board Meeting

August 13, 2013

Chair: Ted Hansen


Maddy W

Brain W

Roger S

Justin T.

Greg S.

Terry Wynn

Nate W.

Sarah N.

Dave Scholl

Jamie Burdeski

Matt Arnold


Ted Hansen

Marie Enga

Nate Bezanson

Ken Buttery

Google Hangout

Karen C.

Ed P.

Router Table

Was donated to the space. [who donated this?]

Greg wants to re-do th donation sheet. The current one is confusing.

Can this be combined with the donation receipt?

Woodshop Rules

There were some proposals for woodshop rules.

The warden set the rules for the zone. Does the board need to approve this?

What are the current standing rules? Discussion about if it is in the standing rules that the warden can set the rules for their zone.

The only rule that is under question is the one where the tag of woodshop is put on an item that is reserved for group projects.

Board has final say in everything?

Greg's Rules will go into effect because he wants them to and he is the warden. He will publish to the list.

Elections Overview

Method of voting is discussed—Runoff method for Officer Positions will be used.

How many board members should we have? Because our membership has increased should we increase?

Maddy Winans makes a motion

Board members maintain the number at 7 diectors.

4 in favor 1 against Motion Passes


Chris allington – we talked to some lawyers asking for advice on our situation regarding liability and what exactly is the best for our situation.

Dave Scholl is requesting ladders for the woodshop for safety. The proposal is reviewed

Personal liability for the board members and officers. So what happens when someone comes in and gets hurt? They are going to look for people to sue and this is going to be where they will go.

We need to look into liability insurance for board members—we might be covered because ewe are a corporation with a board of directors. Ted will contact insurance company about this.

Justin Triplett will offer his services for lawyer services!

Break for 5 minutes because ice cream truck

[insert GIF here]

Proposal for -----ship program

Jamie presents the -----ship program idea. Q & A opinions are shared.

Different than scholarship program.

Is -----ship more fitting for what we are trying to do?

Funding cool projects vs. providing charity to people who cannot afford it


Roger 12 month ahead budget starting in august.

Spreadsheet is viewed and demonstrated and how it works.

Roger Explains how the budget sheet is divided up

Zone wardens and budgets—who should be managing funds for zones? Should wardens be giving their money to the treasurer and they maintain it?

Long discussion. Roger is great for putting this together.

Nate B moves to approve the budget process as compiled by roger and corrections made at this meeting Paul K Seconds

6 in favor motion carries.

End 9:16

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