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I3Detroit Board meeting

September 10, 2013

Chair: Ted Hansen

Start 7:30pm


Nate B

Justin Triplett

Ted Hansen

Matt O


Brian W.

Konrad Brown


Terry W.

Mark Miles

Dave Scholl

Greg Smith

Intros none

New Elects

Board is appointed as such

Directors (in no specific order)

Matt Huber

Ed Platt

Devon Truscott

Nate Bezanson

Marie Enga

Justin Triplett

Dave Scholl

Officers are appointed as such


Matt Oehrlein

Vice President

Madalyn Winans


Justin Triplett


Mark Miles

Secretary The board moves to not appoint a new secretary at this time. Madalyn Winans will remain secretary until the board appoints a oerson they see fit.

Membership Coordinator


Nate B motions to adopt the list as stands.

6 out of 7 vote yes Motion passes

Everyone cheers

Camera footage review authorization.

Discussion about how to request the camera footage. There are directions on the wiki. Basically there needs to be an appointed group of people who can approve viewing of the footage.

The board can establish a group today and then the general membership must also appoint a person or groups to review the footage.

Justin Triplett

Proposal to appoint Board members and Officers as specific group to approve review of footage.

6 out of 7 vote yes

Motion passes

We are requesting that members at the next regular member meeting appoint a group as well.

Access to space for Ex Members

Security of mailing list is discussed. We do not remove members after they leave just as good practice as long as they observe the be excellent to each other.

Physical policy of keys is discussed, we need better enforcement of key policy.

Google apps- we are approved for that and it is ready to go if we want to sell our souls to google.

We need clarification on access.

Enforcing sign in sheet at the next general membership meeting.


It is suggested that board members are entrusting certain people for creating keys

These people will have access to the CRM, WIKI, WEBPOSTING and KEY FOB CREATION. The reason behind this idea is because many older members are no longer serving on the board or in an office, so they want to offer their services to help the new board and officers learn the systems.

They will be known as “deputies”

We need a list that is traceable to the general membership.

Debate ensues over whether the computezone warden should make these decisions. Justin: no

Different proposals are discussed and if this is actually something that needs to be in wiriting or if "do-ocracy" prevails.

Moved to table.

Mantis ticket review. Ted reviews quickly some things still in queue and will distribute as necessary

Meeting Times going forward (Book vs. Behavior)

Currently bylaws say meetings are 7pm on Tuesdays, but we currently meet at 7:30.

Brodie will write a proposal to present to the Board about this matter.

Insurance Update

Ted: IN progress, he needs a phone number and we will have a quote back tomorrow and then the CEO or president can pull the trigger and get the . Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

Budget Update

Roger- Negative $3000 cashflow for August. Treasurer is going to be responsible for the budget, and can always delegate that resonsiblitity.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets that are long over due and needs to be cleared out. Oven is on the way out. Matt O. Will dispose of tonight.

Little leo

White Cabinet

New Business

Coordinators need photos and officers and Board on the board near the front.

End 8:48

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