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Board Meeting Minutes 20140114 Board Meeting Minutes 20140311


Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin Triplett - Make a financial and a membership report by the 3rd Tue meeting
    • CRM data is almost up to date
      • We think we have everyone's account accounted for except for people who might no longer be members or might not care to maintain their memebership
  • Scott Richardson - Call up MI state to check that i3 is registered as a charitable organization, and if not, get i3 registered
  • Scott Richardson - Clarify whether we would be auditable if there were any official Stratocube affiliation
  • Nate Bezanson - Do something with the Home Depot Account
  • Konrad Brown - Send reminders about action items
  • Greg Smith - Proposal for costs of foyer floor plan improvements
  • Dave Scholl - Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
    • Nothing to report this time; waiting for the dust to settle from the treasurer change. The action item remains open.
    • We are leaning towards the donations are the warden's business
    • If we trust the wardens to report the money that they are receiving, we also trust them to spend that money appropriately on the zone. The money only needs to be counted if the warden wants to put the money toward the general fund. - Evan A.
    • There may be legal requirements that mean we need to take more book keeping. - Dave S.
  • Terry Wynn - Become the budget champion/drone! Talk with the treasurer and Dave Scholl about zone money boxes
    • Budget Drone working fine. Instructions out to all wardens. Budget Report to Board. Talked about Zone Cash Box rules to Dave and Evan. Treasurer to rule after getting some IRS/Legal advice- I will write up/distribute Zone Cash Box Procedures after Treasurer decision.
  • Justin Triplett - Organize the communication between Terry, Dave, Evan about budgeting
  • Marie-Therese Enga - Start a discussion on changing the language of the standing rules in the warden.
  • Brian Wennberg - Write up a proposal for purchase of pallet racks, meet with effected zone wardens
    • After talking this over with the effected wardens it doesn't seem to be a good solution at this time. Bringing in pallet racks would actually make things worse not better.

Topics and Proposals Go Here

Budget Process

Terry W

  • New Instructions to all Coordinators.
  • All reimbursement requests have been successfully processed and either checks have been cut or checks are in Treasurer's Queue.
  • Going to USPS distribution for ease of use with Online Banking
  • Budget Reports to Board every month.
  • budget@i3detroit.com is operational.
  • All budget data is electronic and is being archived by Treasurer.
  • Transitioning to automatic checks

Budget Report Aug '13 - Dec '13

Terry W

  • Budget Report available via Board List.
  • Exec Summary: Projected Net -$14,709 Actual Net -$310
  • Austerity Rules working well, recommend 2 more months and then reevaluate.
    • As of December we are close to on budget
  • Most savings in Equipment, not Expense.
  • General category over budget.
  • Billing for neighbor's share of electricity needs to be taken care of
    • Nate Warnick knows about how the scripts for the kWh meter -Nate B.
    • Bill needs to be taken care of sooner than later so that B. Nektar is billed too much at once.


Terry W

Item Name: Husqvarna & Miscellaneous

  • Amendment presented to Board via Board List
  • Exec Summary: Coordinator Name(s): Kevin Flory

Amount and Time Requested: Month Amount

Feb '14 $100
Mar '14 $20
Apr '14 $20
May '14 $20
Jun '14 $20
Jul '14 $20
TOTAL $200


The February budget is for expected expenditures related to the Husqvarna. As it goes through its initially popular phase, I want to be able to buy more supplies as necessary. Not being certain just how much demand is present, or how many of our existing supplies will be used, I've set the bar high. In the best case, no additional supplies will be necessary and I won't have to draw on the money. The remaining months are miscellaneous—a rough guess based on my own past spending patterns.

  • Budget Drone - Through Dec we are very close to break even on our entire budget. Based upon that I recommend adoption of this amendment.

Passed unanimously with 7 of 7 present.

New Minor Consent Form

  • Point of Contact: Greg S.
  • A new minor consent form was sent to the board mailing list on Jan 22 by Greg S., and there were no objections.
  • The new form has been added to the Forms page on the wiki in MS Word and PDF format.

Revised Equipment Entry Form

  • A revised Equipment Entry Form was sent to the board mailing list on Jan 22 by Greg S., and there were no objections.
  • The revised form has been linked on the Forms page on the wiki in MS Word format and PDF format.
  • This revised form has already been in use in the Wood Shop.


  • We needs to pay the bills.
  • Evan hasn't seen a bill for rent for February
    • We don't receive bills for rent
  • Looks like we haven't paid for January or February

Action Items

  • Dave Scholl - Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
  • Justin Triplett - Make a financial and a membership report
  • Evan Allen - Take care of billing B. Nectar for the electric bill
  • Justin Triplett - Get scanning on the Mac set up to send i3 official documents to the Bit-Torrent sync
  • Evan Allen - Make sure we have paid rent


  • Justin Triplett
  • Terry Wynn
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Brodie
  • Flory Power
  • The Schollster
  • K-Brown
  • T-Max
  • Professor Enga
  • Extrude dude
  • Justin "screams-with-text" Triplett
  • Adrienne "Bake-me-a-cake" Patterson
  • Matt "no-clever-nickname" Huber
  • Chris Prout
  • Evan Allen
  • Andrew "LEGO" M.
  • Devon Truscott