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Agenda for 06-09-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga


7:31pm EDT



Max: bacon will be bringing the laminar flow project to i3. is asking for anyone to help prepare and present for makerfaire

Old Business/Action Item Review

Other action items

Old Air Compressor

  • Is anyone doing anything with it?

nate b reached to russ wolfe, no reply. will contaact again

New Business

Insurance Review

  • Is this something the board would like to do?

Terry: asked to keep a general view, received a snail mail with paperwork that we are required to complete to maintain the premium. Needs to shovel off to someone else to complete. Terry does not have time, or knowledge to complete. evan: can we have zw's inventory and send to terry? terry: might not be the best method, there's more in the paperwork. terry will scan the doc for everyone. terry: not so much a dollar value, but an itemized inventory. Terry doesn't know how this was responded previously, but should be done every year. evan: probably anything like $500 or more terry: unknown what rate change effect would happen by providing itemized inventory nate: current list doesn't make sense, someone needs to contact ins. agent to understand what is actually needed --> discussion moving to board list

Action Item: Evan - Browbeat ZWs for inventory lists

Promotional Materials Budget Expansion Request

  • Currently: $200
  • Brochures: $200
  • Banners: $200
  • Business Cards: $100
  • Propose increase to $600

long discussion about business cards, which was apparently discussed on board list already

Designate Charlie as budget contact for promo materials, and expand Promo Budget to $600, and allow a secondary person to order alternate business cards.
Moved by Nate B, Seconded by Mike
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Classroom Renovation Followup

  • This came up on the list again.
  • Konrad has expressed interest in getting the renovation done before makerfaire.
  • Karianne is currently doing filming for a TV show on location.

Konrad: Matt A will contact the original contractor Nate B: don't need drywall, but a proper footing, proper column, proper beam is needed Lego: discussed options on board list, was an option chosen? Konrad: do we need other proprals? Nate B: yes, not comfortable with the previous worker Lego/Nate: contact to structural engineer for recommendations

Action Item: Konrad - Get quotes for clssroom construction

Compute Zone Expenditure Request

The Compute Zone does not have a budget this year but would like to make a special request.

I, Justin Triplett (Compute Zone Coordinator), backed an open source single board computer project in kickstarter, because I believe it would be a significant value to the members. The pledge was made with private funds but I would prefer if the related pledge rewards were wholly owned by i3Detroit. I have sought some donations to help cover the cost, but was only able to raise a small portion. I am requesting that the Board approve reimbursement for the remainder of the pledge value, which is approximately, $145. If this is approved the related items would be delivered to i3Detroit, be property belonging to the organization, and managed by the Compute Zone or other volunteers.


These items are of significant value because:

  • They can be used by the organization or groups of members to build projects that would otherwise require more expensive hardware.
  • The items also include a mobile screen and input device which combine to make it a very friendly entry level introduction into embedded computing.
  • This specific reward package also includes a pre-release version of the product that is intended for early adopters and open source contributors ("kernel hackers") for the benefit of the community. Working on this pre-release hardware and documenting the process would be a great project for potential scholarship members, or anyone else wanting to help promote i3Detroit and the open source hardware community.

$145 budget for CHIP computers/accessories for compute zone
Moved by Evan, Seconded by Andrew
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

New T-shirt Order

Justin Triplett is gathering information, he will record some here and present it at the meeting. Justin: collected data, ppl wanted more sizes and better shirts. contacted hackaday, they used american apparel shirts. we can get them for >$15 butnot >$10. would like to get before makerfaire if possible. justin: can get 30@$12, or can double the order

$1000 budget for T-Shirt order (Justin Triplet)
Moved by Mike, Seconded by Andrew
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Changes to Bylaws Pertaining to Meetings

POC: Konrad B

A proposal is made to make changes to the way Member and Board meetings are called, and how notice of a meeting may be given. The proposed changes are found here in a draft document

  • Bylaws Diff
  • While the standing rules are not board business, changes to the standing rules which complement these changes to Bylaws will be proposed at the next regular member meeting
  • Standing Rules Diff

Konrad: Nate, James, and Konrad met to discuss moving meeting times from bylaws to standing rules

Change wording of bylaws and standing rules regarding meeting notices and meeting times.
Moved by Nate, Seconded by Evan
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS]

RESULT: This will now be presented to member meeting.

Floor Plan Report

konrad: this was suggested as a place for any movement, i.e. large clutter items that are problematic. Terry: would like to find off-the-floor storage for one or two kilns. They need repair but shouldn't leave the site. Any ideas contact Terry. Nate B: self-leveling concrete filler would be a good thing to be done, there are some problematic spots on the floor.

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report

Treasury and Budget Report for May, 2015

  • Financial Grade: A-
  • 5/31 $15K in Emergency Fund

$ 7,146 in CU1 Checking $ 5,814 in CharterOne Checking All transition issues from old to new amazon are complete. roughly 50% conversion, expecting complete conversion by end of July Terry needs his name on state license to get Paypal to disburse more than $500/mo to us. should be fixed by July 2nd.

aside: we can reimburse members via paypal

  • News:
    • Amazon ASP (oldstyle) subscriptions dead on 5/31/15.
    • Taxes Filed with IRS
    • Can't file LARA until July 1.
    • Siemens Donation $3,300
  • Members & Dues
    • Dues Collected in May $4,847

Membership Coordinator

max: 156 active, 5 are scholarships, 128 voting, 39 on leave


HOLY F*CK SHE'S LOUD! nothing to report, will be back in july (\o/)


Ferndale public schools hosting makercamp, Konrad gave her an idea for group ideas July 6th-14th (maybe?) Tormach grant is proceeding, survey is $1000, goal by sept is $8600. Looking at trade shows and mf table to raise funds

Vice President

Marketing Materials

  • See above

Siemens Grant

  • Everything is going awesome!
  • Thanks to Jamie and Mike for their help.

other things

Leora is head of sponsorship committee, she's sent stuff through Charlie and Jamie that's really cool. Will be put on i3 Letterhead then mass mailed. if you see a grant option, or someone want's to shove $100 bills in your pants for i3 see Lenora

Lost & Found Party


8:23pm EDT

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Get quotes for clssroom constructionKonrad
Browbeat ZWs for inventory listsEvan


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
$145 budget for CHIP computers/accessories for compute zoneEvanAndrew50PASS
Change wording of bylaws and standing rules regarding meeting notices and meeting times.NateEvan50PASS]
Designate Charlie as budget contact for promo materials, and expand Promo Budget to $600, and allow a secondary person to order alternate business cards.Nate BMike50PASS
$1000 budget for T-Shirt order (Justin Triplet)MikeAndrew50PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees:


  1. Charlie Rysenga

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