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Agenda for 08-14-2018

Chair: David

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget


Member income: 7,733.28
Donations 729.37
classes income: (94.81)
laser income: (247.50)
machine shop income: 1,400.00
tshirt income: 30.00
Total income: 9,550.34
Expenses: 5,760.63
Net for July: 3,789.71
Bank balance 50,895.01
Emergency Fund (30,000.00)
Net 20,895.01
  • Most of the donations come from Matt O's facebook birthday fundraiser. Thanks Matt!
  • Classes are running a slight negative right now. We may want to address that if that keeps up.


Still looking for a volunteer to help with equipment tracking. But transaction imports are coming along. Deadline is October 15.

  • David: How far along are we?
  • Mel: I'm not panicking yet. If we don't make any progress in the next month I'll start panicking.


  • Started last month documenting who has what access to what accounts and systems. See this link to slack for the google sheet. Could use more brains and eyes looking at it since it's far from complete. Especially useful is if you're an admin on an account and can get a list of everyone with access, but also just listing accounts/systems you know of which aren't in the list helps too.


Vivian is working on the partnership with the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Going to start working with a student from their program in September.

Senior Vice President

Jamie is probably on a boat right now.

VP of Activities & Classes

Maker Faire

  • Maker Faire was a big success minus a couple of small hiccups.
  • We had a long post-mortem afterwards to help improve the process and also improve how we pass knowledge to future organizers.
  • We decided we should start planning Maker Faire 2019 in January (identify organizers, start working on any group projects, start thinking about individual projects, etc) which gives five months off and seven months to plan and execute.

Normal Business

  • Activities and Classes are returning to normal plus a few new and ongoing classes.
    • Budgeting
    • Laser Maintenance
    • Fusion 360
    • Lutherie
    • Injection Molding
    • CNC theory
    • Various Jewelry Zone classes
    • ...


  • Next PotLock is tentatively scheduled for September 8th.
  • A wiki page has been started to add tasks to.
  • Needs funding

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Current active member count is now 194 in the CRM, which includes dues paying and scholarships. There may be some in that count that are departing so the real number may be closer to 175.
  • There's been a big surge in tours since Maker Faire

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • n/a

Old Business

Action Item Review

  • n/a

Fire Marshall

  • Joseph reached out to the Fire Marshall on 7/25 to see about inviting him back to the space for our inspection.
  • Mel peronsally visited his office this week and he is out on training all week.

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Fire Marshal chat turned formal inspection discussion. Thoughts on funding needed corrections.
  • Jewelry Zone co-coordinator.
  • Encouragement of people to do and contribute without every action needing to have an official position.
  • i3 Phone number and voice messaging.
  • Jewelry Zone floorspace changes.
  • Bypassing Scholorship process for individulas. Not something we want to do. Disconnect of people knowing and checking when there scholorship is set to expire - should be more proactive on that going forward.
  • Discussions about what member plan types allow voting - all dues paying and scholarship members are able to vote.
  • Partnership discussions regarding Royal Starr Film Festival. Not moving forward on this.

New Business


  • Jody: This is the final Board Meeting of the term and we're fininshing it without any formal budget for the term, with the intention those seeing funding request it from the board. That didn't happen very often and Jody feels like it wasn't very successful.
  • Joseph: In past years, we budgeted all the money, and this year we still funded everyone who asked.
  • Mel: Need to allocate funds for upcoming PotLock. (Mel: Not just PotLock - we need a budget category for general shop maintenance like paper towels, too. And technically we didn't allocate any money for last month's PotLock and I have receipts for that totaling over $1000 (including the $500 allocated for fire safety). So, I'd like to request a general allocation of $3000 to cover both PotLocks and other general space needs that don't fit in any zones for the rest of the year until we can have a formal budget meeting.)
  • Discussion over accurate trackging of consumables vs repair vs infrastructure expenditures, Mel has found trying to differentiate and track all of those separately is difficult. And a lot of times people just buy things and drop them off as a donation and we don't track that.
  • David suggests $500 for the rest of the year for consumables.
  • Nate suggests that if people not submitting receipts because it is a hassle hinders our ability to accurately track our use, we should encourage submitting receipts.
Allocate $2200 for consumables and Potlock expenses for the rest of the year
Moved by Joseph, Seconded by Tony
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Right to Repair

Formation of a committee to pursue Right to Repair legislation

  • POC: Coogle (John C)
  • The goal is to encourage the state legislature to protect people's right to repair goods they own, that companies that do business in Michigan have to provide information, repair manuals, etc to allow for this.
  • Coogle reached out to his state representative about this, and will be meeting with him at i3 on 8/30 and would like to organize a small group for this.
  • Also reached out to the national campaign working toward this goal and has got a lot more information on the topic.
  • Coogle thinks this is fits i3's mission and it's something that we as an organization should support.
  • From a 501(c)3 perspective, we can't have a "substantial" part of our activity be legislative lobbying like this. It's likely we won't be anywhere near that threshhold.
  • Coogle would like to organize a small core committee of 4 or 5 members to pursue this.
  • Will follow up with this at the next member meeting.

Number of Board Members for 2018-2019

Number of Board members for 2018-2019 - Supposed to be decided at or before the July meeting (Point 1 here) but we forgot. Anyone want to change it? Else should reaffirm it's 7.

Keep the number of board members at 7.
Moved by Joseph, Seconded by Tony
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Safety & Compliance Officer

  • Sean previously volunteered last month to serve as a hypothetical Safety and Compliance Officer to handle issues such as the fire marshall insepction.
  • Coogle adds that he's surprised i3 doesn't have a concept of a risk management position
  • There seems to be a general agreement that this is a good idea.
  • Sean is now the Chair of the Safety & Compliance Committee
Action Item: Mike - Add this to the meeting template

Space & Zone Discussions

Floor Plan


  • Tanya: One work bench was falling apart so Thmoas donated his work table which turned out to be larger than expected. There was a suggestion of swapping space with carts but Tanya asks if we could swap Jewelry and Kilns.
  • David: There's an issue there that we can't move the kilns without running new power lines for it. And the main issue here was the new table is larger than the previous one.
  • Tanya: Everyone using the zone has been really happy with the new table, there's a lot more space to work.
  • Jody: This may be something that's between the affected zone coordinators, which is with Commons and the cart area.
  • Lew: Thew new table actually gives people space to work, the smaller old workbench was too cramped and it was hard to work at. Is the issue people have just the pettiness of the zone expanding?
  • Jody: A past board approved a floorplan which set out where zones are and some people are upset that this process wasn't followed.
  • Joseph suggests the jewelry zone boundries be extended 1 foot west and 1 foot north to solve this.
Expand the jewelry zone boundry 1 foot west and 1 foot north.
Moved by Jospeh, Seconded by Tony
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Member Storage

  • Jeff: The member storage pylon move is supposed to happen at the next potlock
  • David: That will require an electrical permit and a licensed electrician to move the existing outlet that is attached to the structure.
Action Item: Jeff - Poll the mailing list to see if anyone is/knows a licensed electrician

Committee Reports

Moderation Committee

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:59pm
  • Funds appropriated: $2,200
  • Attendees: 15

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Add this to the meeting templateMike
Poll the mailing list to see if anyone is/knows a licensed electricianJeff

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Keep the number of board members at 7.JosephTony60PASS
Expand the jewelry zone boundry 1 foot west and 1 foot north.JospehTony50PASS
Allocate $2200 for consumables and Potlock expenses for the rest of the yearJosephTony60PASS


  1. David H
  2. Mike F
  3. Jody R
  4. Sean W
  5. Jeff P
  6. Matt H
  7. Lewis D
  8. Matt C
  9. John C
  10. Tony S
  11. Melissa G
  12. Joseph B
  13. Tanya T
  14. Vivian S
  15. Jan H

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