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Agenda for Fundraising Committee 06-04-2019

Chair: Mel

Old Business

  • Decide where to store Steve's research to make it accessible to all
    • Action Item: Mel - Get the files moved to a public storage spot
  • Update from Vivian & Leora on grant writing class
    • No Update
  • Update from Vivian on Vision Statement
    • No Update
  • Update from Mel on MEDC campaign
    • First official meeting for the MEDC campaign this Saturday 6/8
    • Have volunteers to make things to give as Kickstarter-esque giveaways
    • A few people have volunteered to build a website, make content, and do videography
    • Still need help building and maintaining our social media/marketing presence
    • Want everything to be together a week before the campaign goes live (by the last week of June)

New Business

Ferndale Chamber of Commerce

  • Art is very familiar with the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce - made up of a lot of construction companies, real estate agents, and other local businesses
  • He suggests we host one of their morning coffee meetups and use that as an opportunity to let them know we're here, use the space to find employees as well as tax-deductible contributions to the community
  • Meetups are on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 8AM ~every other week, they are currently booked until July (18th looks like next available)
  • Art will reach out to the CoC (Action item) - We need a link he can give them and preferably some kind of hard copy thing to put in their hands
  • Action Item: Art - Touch base with Ferndale CoC and get an i3 coffee meeting on their schedule

Suggestions for Scope of this Committee

  • Matt - In my opinion the primary purpose of the committee is to manage requests for funds from outside people or organizations. This prevents us from making multiple requests to the same group, requesting money from multiple groups for the same item, and generally keeps us from looking disorganized to outsiders. Additionally, the committee should also ensure members are not inundated with requests for pass-the-hat campaigns (what is considered reasonable here is up for debate as it hasn't really been an issue to this point).
    • Any fundraising efforts intended to solicit non-i3 members (sent out to the public list, posted on our blog/social media, direct applications for grants) must get approval by the fundraising committee
    • Fundraisers targeted internally (pass-the-hats, etc.) over $1000 also must seek approval of the committee
    • Small, internal fundraisers do not need approval
    • To keep the barriers low, the "approval" process should be as simple as possible, a quick note in Slack or something outlining what the fundraiser is for, how much money is needed, and who will be solicited by what medium

Final Decision on When Committee Approval is Required

Approval of a fundraiser is required if any of the following are true:

  • The request will be seen by any non members (public mailing list, social media, direct contact with grant-givers etc.)
  • You are requesting $1000 or more
  • You do not have spending authority for the area which would be receiving the funds (ZC, SIG Leader, Officer/Board)

Action Items

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:00
  • Attendees: Paul, Matt, Art, Allison, Mel, Karianne, Gary

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Get the files moved to a public storage spotMel
Touch base with Ferndale CoC and get an i3 coffee meeting on their scheduleArt

Proposal Summary

No proposals.

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