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07-- Heating

   * landlord owes the space 1 or 2 furnaces before winter.
   * more info when Russ is back in town

DIY Street Fair

   * i3Detroit will be running a kids craft make and take Sat and Sun for 500 approximately kids,
   * Voluteers needed
   * Talk to Nic if you want to help.


   * discuss on mailing list. 
   * a working group is to be formed

Member Roster

   * pictures, bios, etc..
   * voluntary.
   * members only.
   * physically at the space
   * question or comments contact Ross.

Winterize the space

   * list of things to be done before and after winter.
   * high priority before winter list

Candidate Spiels

   * Eric, Brad, Dennay, Paul K., Trevor, Ed, Joe, Aaron, and Ross
   * Nate B was not in attendance.
   * Vote is to be opened so that it will end at 9/21/2010 9pm at the meeting.

Auto Work

   * fire extinguishers are needed, etc
   * punch list needs to be done before we go to the city asking favors.

Evil Dead

   * Ted is heading it up.  needs help builing props. its thankless but FUN.

Electronics Store

   * Ted has some parts enroute. ask ted for parts you want.


   * needs fixing. see ted after the meeting.

NYC Maker Faire - will have no twinkie car...



   * may need a “professionally” made sign.


   * rim was sealed, leak is now very slow.  ok to use. BYO Towel. Ted will continue to try to completely fix the leak.

Graveyard Clean out

   * things are going back into it.  if you want your stuff get it out of the grave yard.


   * stove, fridge, etc coming from whirlpool.  a shop stove will be setup for non-food things like powder coating

Marking Out Walkways (no stuff can be left in walkways) - start with chalk or duct tape then paint permanent lines.

Storage of flammables - fire cabinet needed and rules need to be checked.

Welding shield improvements - a full wrap around shield is needed for arch welding. ASAP. Ted and Nick said they'll get on it.

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