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03-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, Jan 3, 2012

Chair: Eric Merrill

Start: 7:30pm, Held in the commons


Rats and raccoons, Mice

Eric M. – We have tenants! At the front part of office, there’s something living there, probably a raccoon. If electronics room. He will talk to landlord about it, doesn’t seem to be a big problem. Rats were spotted from the door of the adjacent building. Foam gnawed away. We will have to create a better barrier between the two areas. We need to keep food away. We need metal reinforcement to block up any holes.


Eric M. - Thanks to Nate W. and Dustin W., our vacuum is working. It’s hooked up to the table saw and will eventually be hooked up to the other machines.


Eric M. – Picked up a couple of red trays for taking things apart, from GFS, for little projects. He will probably put them in the tool crib.


Eric M. – The heat seems to be working. Heat costs money!!! Last month, we spent about $11/day for heat. Before you leave the shop, put the thermostats in Run mode to save energy.

Plasma Table

Eric M. – The movement mechanism is working, and the cutting element works. It needs just a few adjustments; it’s essentially close to functional.

Cleaning and Cleanliness

Eric M. – It’s been really clean lately!

New Member Intros

New Business


Table Top gaming - On Thursday

Matt’s Programming class - Friday

Book Release Party, Sat. 6pm

Aurdino Meetup - Next week Thursday

G-Code class (member only) - Sat 21

Micro Controller Hardware - (following Thursday and Saturday from G-Code)

Adj. 7:50pm

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