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01-- i3 Detroit – May 1, 2012, Regular Meeting

Start, 7:30pm, held in the commons


Chris Allington

Joe Bender

Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Ian Dodds

Steve f00f

Ted Hansen

Steve Hermann

Matt Huber

Paul Kerchen

Chris Mounts

Ed Platt

Matt Oehrlein

Dave Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Susan Stone

Matt Switlik

Dustin White


Tech/Media Festival & DEMF , Guest Speaker Jon Dones

No show.

I3 “West”

Eric M. – Our landlord has offered the upper floor of his office for rent. It has two rooms, a 21x15 and a 15x15, for use after normal business hours (normally Monday through Friday until 5pm). This may be ideal for holding classes, as it is both quiet and furnished. Our costs may include rent, utilities, and expenses required to prepare the door for electronic access control. Anyone that can help with the door is asked to feel free to volunteer through the member list. He will try to get a group to do a tour, and perhaps include a walk-through video.

Maker Faire Planning Meeting 5/11

Nate B. – On May 11, 2012, at 7:30pm to 9:30pm, representatives from both Henry Ford and Make will be at i3 Detroit to host an information and recruiting session for Maker Faire. Members are encouraged to have the space extra clean for our members beforehand.


Nate B. – We found a good laser deal. Full Spectrum has a table top laser, 80-watt, 12”x16”, with a 9 ½” x 14” useable space, for approximately $6,500. We are looking at multiple sources of funding, including potential tax-deductible donations.

Makerbot Liason

Nate B. We were approached by someone from Makerbot, they are willing to talk to someone to help out with any problems we have, so we need a liaison.

Be kind to your treasurer

Ted. H. – On the May 22, 2012, at 7:00pm, members are asked to volunteer to help Kristine, our treasurer, with bookkeeping. Members are also asked to make things as easy as possible for Kristine to complete her duties, including: paying dues on time, and write out your real first and last name (as it appears in the CRM, no nick names) on the payment envelope along with the date paying. Active Membership Count

Steve. f00f. – We don’t have an automated method of counting the how many members we have, member counts must be done manually.

Anonymous Drop Box

Steve f00f will create a form for anonymous suggestions

Penguicon DIY Recap

Roger S. – We had an excellent show, our badges were well received. Lines were formed outside of the door to solder badges. We sold approximately 120. AHA wants our extra for soldering classes, we would like to do more joint things with AHA. We had lines coming up to it.

Eric M. – Next years, we should have a corporate SQUARE account to allow for credit card purchases.

New Business

Welding gases

Steve H. - Accelyn tank is empty, we need to refill.

Nate B. will give email of a member who works for a gas firm, for fillup. Instructables

Roger S. – I don’t see a lot of things going up, this is great opportunity to promote i3 Detroit.

Bandsaw Blades

Steve f00f – we have been going through a lot of band saw blades, and they are expensive. It may be cheaper to buy them in bulk as a roll, and have new ones welded together as needed.

Steve H. - A roll costs about 80 bucks, we can weld it if we have a make a stand, and the welder will work. The reason the blades are breaking more frequently is that it’s a bad machine and we are using it more.

Nate W. - We do have a drop box for consumables, please drop something off when you use it.


Ed P. – We have a discount as hackerspace, for a minimum order of $200-300, we can get a discounted price, talk to Ed for more details.


Matt O. - This Saturday, Techshop is having another opening celebration, and he will be speaking on a panel about hackerspaces. Adjourned, 8:48pm

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