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02-- i3detroit 2010-02-02

  1. Matt S.
  2. Russ
  3. Nate B
  4. Phil
  5. Joe
  6. Nate 2
  7. Brad
  8. Trevor

   * Out of 322 by April 1st.  so says the city of royal oak.
         o Ferndale with Paper Street Motors
               + Nate:   space needs mantainence.  combining orgs?  likes the space.
               + Brad: me toos...
               + Matt:  we need more space BUT is it too much space?  stretching too far?
               + Russ: agrees we don't have enough space. 
               + Joe: not sure if merging with another org is a good idea
               + Nate 2: not enough shop space.
               + Ed: not enough shop space.  but we could rent the office.  High utilities?
               + Russ: no sub leasing.  if the PSM fails we get to continue at  the space.  PSM is a start up.
               + Joe: base it on what we can afford
               + Russ: new building will most likely want a deposit and a year lease.  approx $.25 a sqft.
         o Needs 2000+ sqft, approx $1400 total budget, some office space but mostly shop space.
   * Membership Meeting:
         o Ed: multi level membership.
               + guest who like it but can't afford $100 and don't hang around because they feel guilty for not paying anything.    
         o Phil : Nate: Limiting the time people are in the space.  buying a certain day of the week access.
         o Nate: Storage, 
         o Next Membership meeting TBA
         o Nate: Tuesday membership joining is problematic.   2 existing members can sign off on a membership?
   * Penguicon DIY track
         o forming working group:  meeting time TBD.  con com Saturday at Randal Berdockys house.
         o hackerspace.org sunday.
   * Ignite: vote for Ed and Nate B.
         o ask Russ about a ticket since it sold out.

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