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Chair Justin Triplett


Visitor David-electrical engineer New member Ben-arduino stuff

Action Item Review

Painting the Roses Red

  • Max - paint the switches bright so people can see them for shutdown
  • Mostly done

New Sign

  • Greg S. - Start sign committee, check back in July (info this mtg)
  • 2 prototypes shown
    • solid sign with letters cut out with translucent plastic and light behind it
    • letters plasma-cut and LEDs on back, sides TIG welded
    • Sign Demo.JPG
  • Do we need it to say i3detroit or i3?
  • People already know what they're looking for, only need simple sign
  • Other people want the full sign with "i3 Detroit, imagine, innovate, and inspire"
  • Have a complex sign in the window, simple one on the main
  • Greg to come up with more designs and ask the mailing list

Show and Tell

  • New CO2 fire extinguishers
    • Nate got them all re-certified and refilled today
    • Very cheap to refill!
    • Everyone should practice with these so there's less hesitation in an actual fire
    • Nate was on fire, and Charlie practiced putting him out

Fire Extinguisher Demo.jpg

  • New brochures
    • Finally have the new brochures printed
    • For maker faire and having around the space, give them to everyone!

New Business

  • The Fall Election process is not well documented and confusing to new members
  • Last fall we just made up a process that no one seemed to have a huge problem with
  • Greg wants to create a fall election process for Standing Rules
    • Define CEOs role and responsibility
    • Nominating process
    • Board election
    • Officer election
  • Power Racing Series at Makerfaire (Matt H)
    • Every team competing needs to provide at least one volunteer to the PRS for the weekend. This volunteer will be used by the organizers as they see fit, most likely as a track marshal. Volunteers get a fancy T-shirt. I'd like to see i3 provide multiple volunteers if possible.
    • Don't need a ton of experience
    • Not necessarily a full-day time commitment
    • Can probably get free admission to Maker Faire
  • Hackaday meetup
    • Hooray, 60-80 of our closest friends we haven't met yet!
    • Holy crap, the hordes are descending!
    • NEED HELP for waiver duty, tour guides, parking directors...
    • Talk to Nate B if you want to help, he's very obviously clueless at party planning
    • There's already a list thread on the topic, contribute ideas there
  • Proposal: Front Hallway Walls [Craft Room]
    • Need room to let paintings dry undisturbed
    • Hang paintings on the wall in the hallway by the craft room
    • Form to tag paintings with to identify ownership and time of leaving
  • Bill Putt's i3 Golf Cart
    • Golf cart is used to shuttle people around at Maker Faire very awesomely
    • He needs $600 for new batteries, only 1/4 of the way there so far

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

Coming Soon: Casting!

  • Plaster and latex castings?

Let Kevin know if there are any supplies you'd liked

E Lab

no updates, things are good!

Fab Lab

Injection Zone

  • PID Controllers Are working, need to mount thermocouples.
  • Large hydraulically controlled machine of DOOOOOOOOOOM
  • Charlie needs help overcoming the Doom, please help!

Kiln Zone

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

  • Everything is pink, return anything pink to the Tool Crib
  • There is now a broken tools bin, on the wall on the far side of the I
    • IF you see a broken tool, put it in the bin!
    • IF you break a thing, you could be nice and leave a donation
  • Please Clean Up

Tree House

Vinyl Zone

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

  • Mini class July 7, 2014
  • General Wood Shop intro 7:30 PM

Action Items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Mike Fink
  • Matt Huber
  • Greg Smith
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Dave Scholl
  • Bruce Webber
  • Maddy Winans
  • Kevin Flory
  • Xander Heide
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Ben Davis
  • Ken Siegner
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Charlie Rysenga