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Chair Madalyn Winnans


  • Dennis -
  • Levi - Does most things other than electronics
  • George - Jewelry
  • Jody - Interest in laser cutters and electronics
  • Scott -
  • Matt - Interested in Arduino
  • Mark - experience in robotics and electronics, interested in welding and fabrication skills.
  • Only one of them heard of us because of Maker Faire

Action Item Review

Show and Tell


  • Hilarious
  • Got lots of interesting comments
  • Not too horrible to actually do
  • Bowling balls rolling down the street
  • There's a video!

New Business

Maker Faire Recap

  • Yay for Maker Faire
  • It was awesome
  • Applause
  • RedBull project - Robocrop got a lot of attention at Maker Faire
    • Kids loved it, loved using it to squirt water at their friends, too.
  • Maker Faire after party was the best we've ever had
    • Dance floor and outdoor tables where you could talk were nice.
    • Thanks for that idea Max!
    • Tables were not blocking the back of the space so people could enjoy seeing the space and getting tours.
  • We made about $420 in tips and $30 in the money sucker

Standing Rules Proposal and Vote

  • Point of Contact: Greg Smith
  • Proposal was posted on the member list here on July 13th.
  • Motion seconded
  • Greg reads the proposal
  • Vote is open to all 49
  • 22 in favor, 0 abstain, 0 against
  • Motion passes!

2014 Elections

  • Point of Contact: Jamie Burdeski
  • Elections are on September 2nd 7:30 PM
  • Only electing board members, NOT Officers
  • Nominations for Board of Directors is now open! Email the secretary to nominate
  • Nominations close August 18th 19th
  • Absentee Ballots will be available
  • If you're interested, you should get on the ballot - Maddy
    • It's a good experience

Ordering New T-shirts

  • Point of Contact: Jamie
  • We're out of the smaller men's sizes
  • Also out of smaller women's sizes, and larger women's sizes
  • Justin, Maddy, and Greg are interested in the discussion
  • Was there a budget line? No.
  • Shirts might be self funded (should be)
  • Interested in i3 Motor Sports too

Virtual tour of the space on Google Maps

Point of Contact: Mike Fink

  • Any major objections or issues?
  • Preview
  • Tabled for next meeting

Strategy Session

  • Point of Contact: Charlie R.
  • Where do we want to see the space in a year?
  • How do we plan on continuing to grow while providing the same quality of service?
  • Create a committee? - encourage interest of general members, not just the board
  • Start a conversation about new ideas that could set the course of i3 for the future.
  • Roger did it before? Nate B says we'd like some help facilitating it.
  • Look for the meeting on the list and the calendar!

TEDx Detroit 2014

Point of Contact: W. Scott Richardson

  • Call for easy Show-and-tell projects to highlight i3Detroit and its members
  • Parking Lot Fun: Power-Wheels races/drivers? Liability?
  • Hackerspace Mini-Golf course @ TEDx Detroit
  • Looking for a group of people to come down and work a table
  • Set up at 8am and takedown around 6pm on Tuesday, September 30th
    • Several tongues were stuck out at the fact that TEDx is happening on a Tuesday
  • Would like small table sized projects that we can show off and attract people to i3
  • A note is going to the list to find projects and people interested in going to the event
  • Two new things at TEDx Detroit
    • Considering of doing a powerwheels race if they can find a parking lot
    • Considering the TEDx Open competition for mini-golf

Being excellent with Parking Tickets

Point of contact Steampunk Steve

  • Parking ticket placement should not damage objects.
  • Be courteous when making parking tickets
  • Duct tape can damage projects
  • Painters tape or just place the parking ticket next to the project

Zone updates

Bike Zone

  • New stuff is getting purchased
  • New bike stand
  • Lube and grease will be on hand

Commons Area

  • Lights look cool
  • Make them more permanent? return to owner?

Compute Zone

  • Someone gave us a computer
  • Talking about reworking the whiteboard room to be a little more useful
    • Mostly used for naps, and that can be upstairs too
    • Thinking about putting tables in the whiteboard room that could fall under the compute zone
    • Will be drawing up a small floorplan for it
    • Open to suggestions
    • Talk to Justin, or Matt H about it
    • The electronics lab is always full, and this could help relieve some of the demand for space

E Lab

  • See email about all the new parts
  • That's about it
  • New oscilloscope

Injection Zone

  • There is a budget
  • Looking for help with hydraulics
  • Hoping to get the bigger machine running

Kiln Zone

  • Would like to clear out large storage so that the kiln zone can be accessed
  • Two of the kilns are running

Laser Zone

  • Lens failure
  • Mirror failure
  • Replacements are coming in the next week or two
  • Temporary replacement lens has a different focal length, so autofocus does not work anymore because the laser head could crash
    • Use the manual focus
    • Ask for help if you don't know what you are doing

Metal Shop

Point of contact Steampunk Steve

  • Request approval of Ken Siegner and Steve Brook as Dual Zone Coordinators
    • This is board business
    • Jon is also interested in wardenship
      • Jon did a lot of cleaning
      • Sometime users of the metal shop don't know where things belong because the shop has been frequently in disarray
      • Better organization, shelving, and logical labeling would help a lot
      • Keeping the metal shop open for everyone to use, and not dominated by the frequent use of one member is important - Nate B
      • Discussion will go to the board meeting
  • Combined 50 years Engineering, Design, Fabrication experience.
  • Large high profile project experience.
  • High priority on Zone safety
  • Dual Coverage in event of absence
  • Strong mentoring and training skills

Tool Crib

  • Thank you, Thomas Balogh, for the donation!
  • Houston, we have a budget
  • If you use a consumable, please drop money into the donation box
    • So far got about $60 over 2 months

Vinyl Zone

  • Vinyl zone still needs a warden elected
  • There's a lot of money in the box, but Nate W doesn't have the key yet
  • Nate W will seek wardenship at the next board meeting

Welding Zone

  • A hand held plasma cutter is going
  • Oxyacetylene danger of explosion
    • Heads will be removed for safety from now on.

Action Items

  • Maddy - look into i3 tshirt options
  • Mike Fink -Show and tell the Google panorama of the inside of i3
  • Jamie - update standing rules with the election proposal

Broom Party

  • Find missing tools from tool zone
    • Irwin tools were cut off the Genie, it was taken to RedBull and it was in the bin that went to Maker Faire, they're blue and yellow in a blue canvas bag (or sleve?). It's somewhere we'll find it.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Gary Morin
  • Ben Davis
  • Spanky Magee
  • Samantha Letvin
  • W. Scott Richardson
  • Tanya Tkacz
  • Dan Rose
  • Jody Forkowski
  • George Warron
  • Greg Smith
  • Terry Wynn
  • Levi Morey
  • Steve Brook
  • Matt Switlik
  • Brandon Biller
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Konrad Brown
  • Matt Huber
  • Charlie Rysenga
  • Ken Siegner
  • Brian Donohue
  • Dave Scholl
  • Dennis Cook
  • James Odell