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Chair Justin Triplett


  • Nico-new guest hanging out for a month, almost a member now!
  • Riley- Levi's friend, was here for hackaday. Has permission to hang out with Levi as much as he wants
  • Jody- does welding, likes to pretend not to have a name.

Action Item Review

  • Maddy - look into i3 tshirt options

Jody will help!

  • Jamie - update standing rules with the election proposal

Show and Tell

  • Konrad made a rocket! It could shoot things down

NASA takes years. We take DAYS.

  • Jon Anderson and Nate W are almost done with Detroit GT Car, so it should be out of here soon!!
  • Nate Warnick made awesome pac-man themed sand-blasted glass jars with vinyl cutter and sand blaster

New Business


  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • Konrad motions, Charlie Seconds
  • Mike F moves to table until end of meeting
  • Motion passes: naptime later


  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • What should happen with it? It's still here.....?
  • Konrad will follow up with Ken to figure out specifics

Closing Board Nominations

  • POC: Jamie
  • Nominations close tonight, August 19th.
  • Accept your nomination by 11:59 PM or you won't be on the ballot

Strategy Workshop Results

  • POC: Charlie OBO
  • Full results of 8/10 Strategy Workshops are on the wiki
  • Basically we split into groups to tackle specific problems
  • This is open to everyone, not just the people at the workshop
  • Topics
    • Stalled Projects
    • Clutter and Messes
    • Certification and Training
    • Member Involvement

Gage Parking

  • POC: Terry Wynn
  • Went to Gage and talked to their Controller Fred Lenz. There has been some problems with business hour parking in the Gage lot, so new signs went up and security policing.
  • I3 can park in Gage street lot (other than Handicap) from 5PM-6AM M-F, all Weekends, IF we police the area for no non-Gage parking during business hours. If you see someone there who is i3, tell them they have to move. If you see BNektar parkers there, go tell BNektar. I have talked to Rob Zograph at BNektar, and they require their employees NOT to park in Gage lot before 5PM. If you see a BNektar car there, let BNektar know and they will get it moved.
  • Gage is happy to let i3 park there at night, unless the daytime parking problems don't go away. If the problems persist, we will lose the evening parking.

Our Parking

  • Sometimes B. Nektar parks in our spots
  • How can we mark our spots as i3-only when they aren't actual spots
  • Terry will talk to Rob Zograph at BNektar, while being as friendly as possible :-)
  • Saying "We need those spaces" is better than saying "NO PARKING RAWR!"
  • Nate has made "parking passes" for the dashboard, ans is going to put a stack of them up by the front
  • They will help identify i3 member/guest cars vs other people

Deadbolt Added to Adjoining Door to B Nektar

  • Point of contact: Konrad B
  • Deadbolt was added so that B. Nektar to keep drunk people from randomly wandering in when no one's looking
  • B. Nektar patrons are allowed to come in, but we'd like them to come in through the front so they can sign waivers and not die.
  • Keys will be stored in Treasurer's black box
  • Konrad will make labels for the deadbolt/keys
  • Nate W will talk to Brad/Jeff at B. Nektar to tell them about the deadbolt/key

Google Maps Panoramic Tour of i3

  • Point of contact: Mike F
  • Work in progress, so far has machine shop and tool crib
  • Take members' temperature on this--good idea or worst thing ever!
  • It's awesome and we should not only finish it, but link to it on the website as a Virtual Tour
  • Should make a wiki page for the process, and the acrylic jig that was custom-made for taking photospheres
  • Make it a regular thing, like after each Pot Lock, because the only thing worse than no picture is a terribly out-dated picture!


Either $1500 in repairs, $80 in parts, or a new one for $2000? Still need to research more

Zone Communication

  • Most of the people at meetings are Zone wardens or generally awesome people
  • Need better communication with people who aren't at meetings
  • Common problem is messes & trash
    • Action item from strategy workshop is to make more "Where Does This Go?" boxes
  • Maxwell just talks to people, no emails
  • Greg has a thread that's not bitchy, just updates
  • Max points out that face to Face contact is important, and Zone Coordinators should put the effort in to show up during all times or find someone who is
  • Revisions to training procedure are made and will be put on the WIKI
    • Has place for trainers, trainees, date trained
    • Can (should) put these on all major equipment
    • Need to designate official trainers to make consistent training with i3-specific tools
    • Not trying to teach you woodworking, just how to use the equipment safely
    • Trainers for your zone could be the next Zone Coordinator!

Website transition

  • New server, it's really fast!
  • Documented on the wiki
  • Ask Amelia Meyer or Matt Gardeski if you have questions

Zone updates

Bike Zone

Justin won't yell AT you about messes, he'll just yell ABOUT them. So don't leave messes in the bike zone! Or anywhere. Just in might call you a child, because that seems reasonable to him.

CNC Zone

  • Open CNC night this Thursday
  • Brian W is passing off warden-ship to Jim K, assuming Jim answers his emails
  • little CNC is going home with Brian so he can work on it

Compute Zone

  • New computer!!! It runs linux and is really easy to use. There is documentation on the wiki and you can talk to justin. It prints, it scans, it internets!
  • Also a raspberry pi running on one of the monitors
  • We always need new monitors, if you have extras
  • Future plans are to re-do the 1337 lounge!

Craft Room

  • No flood damage. (And the floor's clean for once!)
  • Casting zone: Open with a few basics. Will be augmenting in coming months. Feedback is vital.
  • Continuing to buy supplies with new budget $$

E Lab

    • We made it through the flood unscathed (phew!), thanks everyone who moved things off the floor just in case!
    • Lots of new components, all known requests have been answered
    • Test leads are constantly scrambled, which makes it hard to find them while working, and makes it difficult to tell when they've gone missing. Matt Arnold will help make a "this is an alligator, this is a banana" poster.
    • Someone is leaving messes! Nate B will request cameras in there if this behavior continues
    • Would any newbies like to help make that poster? I'll help as much as needed, but I'll feel better about that labor if someone else is learning directly from it.
    • Also the new oscilloscope still needs a wiki page. Another opportunity for someone to learn both wiki markup and a bit about test equipment! See Nate B after the meeting? It's super fancy, so ask before you use it!
    • Also there's a bit of e-lab-related stuff on the potlock todo list, but that's for another topic on the agenda!

Fab Lab

  • Hilights:
    • Survived flood with no damage apparent whatsoever.
  • Lowlights:
    • Major incident with Rostock MAX
      • Thermal runaway caused by thermocouple falling out of hotend
      • Melted PEEK barrel
      • Could have caused fire! Like, seriously, a FIRE. That could have burned down the building.
      • Machine is now training-required for both operation and for maintenance
      • Largest concern is that no notice to the warden was received until much later by a third party
    • Eating food in the fab lab is fine, but food containers and trash are not ending up in trash can
    • Random sticky crap on counter- please wipe the counter when you're done
  • Request for involvement:
    • Oven needs has a wiki page now!
    • New QR code tags for all machines with new pretty links
      • Printed and laminated at least
      • Laser-engraved with black paint like the current one on the laser would be nice

Kiln Zone

  • Status:
    • Glass Kiln and Ceramic Kiln 100% UP in July Porcelain Kiln down in July.
    • VacuuForm now an official tool of the Kiln Zone. Materials have been bought for VF, available in KZ. $2/sq ft. Put money in the Kiln Zone box if you use material.
    • Terry will add information on trainers to the wiki
    • Flood damage minimal.
  • Classes:
    • Jewelry/Fusing in late Sept.

Laser Zone

  • Still working on getting a new lens.
  • The current lens 55? mm is great on really thin material
  • There's a really awesome rainbow outside!! That's like lasers right?

Metal Shop

  • New co-wardens are working together.
  • They're going over the massive email thread from the last week-tools/documentation wanted

Tool Crib

  • Highlights
    • Little to no damage in the flood
  • Lowlights?
    • Somebody keeps turning into The Hulk and breaking tools, like breaking handles of pliers (how??)
  • Future plans
    • Tool buying extravaganza in the future
    • Lots of inventory informal talking and cataloging to do during potluck

Tree House

  • Not affected by flood! No water damage, it was a refuge for homeless items from the flood, but they're all cleaned up now
  • Ammo Annie was donated to go with Bullet Betty, was donated by Sam Letvin!
    • They are awesome decorations and also usable dressforms!
  • Working with compute zone to re-do 1337 lounge

Vinyl Zone

  • Marie is new Zone warden!
  • Cleaning/organizing the zone
  • Putting Vinyl Zone orientation on the calendar, they will be regularly 2nd Wednesdays of the month

Welding Zone

The good
The board approved a sizeable chunk of change for a new MIG welder and a new manual plasma torch. We're in final research stage, and should have the new machines ordered/purchased in the next couple days, and might be here in a couple weeks!
Working on selling the Big Grey Monster- Matt Arnold will help write a craigslist posting
Since the space owns it, the Zone Coordinator can do what ever he wants, including tossing it to the curb if it doesn't sell quickly
The bad
There have been several instances of people not cleaning up after themselves. This includes not sweeping up dust, not cleaning spatter off the table, and not putting scrap where it belongs (good usable in bins under table, unusable in scrap bin in metal shop). Please remember to allot cleanup time in your schedule.
The ugly
Organization is still lacking. Do we have anybody with an anal retentive streak and some availability who'd like to try and help us whip this zone into shape?

Wood Shop

Greg has been busy helping all the Zones with training documentation, including the wood shop!

Injection Molder

Need to move the injection molder tomorrow since it had to be moved during the flood. Anyone going to be around to help?

Sky Zone

  • Sky has not fallen down
  • Sky Zone warden is not here. (LAME!)
  • Lights look good, not a lot burned out

Action Items

  • T-shirts Jody/Maddy will look into this/email list
  • Meeting minutes Jamie will update the template to include injection molding and sky zone, and send out meeting minutes from now on! Hopefully pretty?
  • Robocrop Konrad will follow up with Ken about specific plan
  • Parking passes Nate B is going to put a stack of them up by the front
  • Deadbolt Nate W will talk to Brad/Jeff at B. Nektar to tell them about the deadbolt/key
  • Virtual Tour Mike will finish this after potlock and make documentation
  • Training Documentation Greg will put these up on the Wiki for all Zones to use
  • E-Lab Poster Nate B/Matt Arnold will make a "this is an alligator, this is a banana" poster.
  • Grey Monster (Welder) Matt Arnold will help write a craigslist posting/Jody will get rid of it

Strategy Workshop Action items

  • Develop a project information template Ted H 19 Aug 2014
  • Review and get buy-in on the form from membership Ted H 20 Aug 2014
  • Investigate and create a proposal to bring before the Board for cleaning services Terry W Sept Board mtg
  • Look into options for tool enabling system. Konrad B 31 Oct 2014
  • Add “Meet a Zone Coordinator” to the new-member process.Nate B 26 Aug 2014
  • Quantify member involvement.Jamie 19 Aug 2014

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:30ish
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett
  • Evan Allen
  • Marie-Therese Enge
  • Terry Wynn
  • Jon Anderson
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Konrad Brown
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Brian Wennberg
  • Kevin FLory
  • Gary Morin
  • Jody Raiford
  • Paul Frick
  • Mike Fink
  • Ben Davis
  • Riley Williams
  • Levi Morey
  • Charlie Rysenga
  • Dave Scholl
  • Justin Triplett
  • Matt Arnold
  • Greg Smith
  • Nathan Warnick
  • Nico Pefts
  • Brian Donague
  • Mark Ament