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Agenda for 07-21-2015

Chair: Justin Triplett


  • Joe - cars, electronics, at B Nektar
  • Will - been hanging around for a while
  • Evan - he's been a guest for a while hanging around
  • Matt Switlik - old hat, recently went to vancouver hack space and apparently i3 is famous

Show and Tell

  • Jan Henry - custom i3 fabric and frilly skirt
    • Used spoonflower.com to make custom textiles-can choose lots of fabric and prints
  • Sam Letvin- painting wall of BattleBoats divider, 12 hours of painting

Old Business

Tormach EDSFUND Grant

  • Will be at Maker Faire to take donations

New Business

Jewelry Zone Created

  • Leora and Tanya are the co-wardens
  • Space is across from Wolverine
  • Small scale metal and glass fabrication

Proposal on Board Terms

Point of Contact: Justin Triplett

Change the bylaws as follows (see link)
Moved by Justin; Seconded by Mike
16 Ayes / 2 Nays
Result: PASS

Proposal Link: [[1]]

Discussion: Chairperson election

  • What happens if the board can't reach a 2/3 majority?
  • consensus: being able to agree on a chair is the first test of the board's ability to work together. If they can't reach a 2/3 opinion, they should keep talking until they can.

Discussion: Term Limits

  • Consecutive terms limit the ability of the board to transfer knowledge
  • is i3 a stable enough organization for term limits
  • Goal was to prevent burnout, but some argue that burnout will or will not happen regardless of rule changes

Disregard previous vote and vote again on (See Link) after more dissenting opinions
Moved by Jamie; Seconded by Justin
8 Ayes / 6 Nays
Result: FAIL

Proposal Link: [[2]]

Note: Bylaws change requires a 2/3 majority, not just a simply majority.

Next Steps

Maker Faire!!!

  • It's this weekend
  • Party is Saturday night
  • Contact Konrad, Jamie, Justin, and Kevin about where your projects are going
  • Ask on the mailing list if need or have wristbands
  • Moving truck is coming to the space Friday afternoon, will leave by 6 PM. Contact Mike Fink if you need the truck or need special arrangements
  • We've already gotten media requests for Battle Boats, look for more requests nearer to this weekend!
  • Discovery channel was here Monday 7/27/15

Space Project Updates

Jamie will add a link to the Space Projects page in an effort to revive this section


i3 MotorSports

We need volunteers for the power racing series. At least one for each day (saturnday and sunday). Volunteers help out the organizers with flag marshalling, track set up and race day operations. We can have different people for each day, and multiple people per day is even better. I'll even get you a assistant's pass into maker faire for free! Contact Matt H. if you're interested in helping out with this.


Meetup on the 28th (4th tuesday).


Still in the process of searching, but have become


  • Max is making a air cannon for maker faire
  • Nikki is making her penguicon costume better for Maker Faire
  • Mariel made her Tailpipe Communicator for Lakes of Fire
  • Tanya is now co-warden of the new Jewelry Zone


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:37
  • Funds appropriated: #0
  • Attendees: 17

Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Change the bylaws as follows (see link)JustinMike162PASS
Disregard previous vote and vote again on (See Link) after more dissenting opinionsJamieJustin86FAIL


  1. Justin Triplett
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Mike Fink
  4. Dave Scholl
  5. Matthew Gardeski
  6. Kevin Flory
  7. Evan Allen
  8. Matt Huber
  9. Justin Triplett
  10. David Henry
  11. Sam Letvin
  12. Jan Henry
  13. Ken Siegner
  14. James O'Dell
  15. Gary Morin
  16. Nate Bezanson
  17. Matt Switlik