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Agenda for 09-01-2015

Chair: Jamie Burdeski


Experienced Members

Greg Smith- co-woodshop warden, member for 3 years

Ted - founding member in absentia

Corey Tebo - fairly new member, likes to run around in a

New Members & Guests

Nate - another nate, a backup nate, aka Nate-ron, likes art, heard about us through techshop

Matt C- from Purdue, does electronics

Claudine- recent college grad

Dave - interested in the Haas and the woodshop

Show and Tell

Steve Nowicki - built a microscope using a raspberry pi, webcam, flatbed scanner

Brian - Cider and doughnuts from Yates

Scott - interview up from Ben Heck's Hacktiques road show

Justin - made python script to post tweets to slack channel

Nick - made tracking software for beaglebone stuff, revision history logs

Corey - portable e-lab cart, still in progress

Old Business

Jewelry Zone Pickle

Clarifying the use of "Pickle" in the Jewelry Zone - Leora

  • Pickle is used to clean metal after solder
  • Types of pickle used i nthe zone
    • vinegar
    • citric acid
    • sperax

See the following for more information: http://www.nancylthamilton.com/techniques/soldering/on-pickle-crock-pots-and-baking-soda/

Smoking area

Butt can is now out there

Whiteboard Room

  • The fate of the whiteboard room was discussed at last meeting, and in them meantime
  • all the audio equipment has been moved in there
  • There's a kickass wacom tablet from Nico that's just now running
  • audio out is just a bluetooth interface
  • Mixer board is being prepared for getting better audio at meetings

New Business

New neighbor

Looks like people have moved into the building next door

Action Item: Matt Arnold - make contact with new neighbors

Wood shop

Table saw is jammed

Tool Crib

Tom is working on sorting out hardware in the tool crib, he can teach you a lot if you're willing to help organizing


  • Each candidate gets a minute or two to make a short speech
  • Ballot is already sent out, but the secretary will be on hand if you have any problems voting
  • Results will be announced at 10PM


Evan Allen - 32 votes Jamie Burdeski - 28 votes Matt Gardeski - 26 votes Matt Arnold - 26 votes Leora Druckman - 26 votes Brian McPherson - 17 votes Mike Fink - 17 votes Matt Huber - 16 votes

39 votes were cast.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:20pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 32

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
make contact with new neighborsMatt Arnold


no proposals yet, Charlie.


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Nickolas Anderson
  3. Brian McPherson
  4. Maxwell Gonyea Alexander
  5. Dave Scholl
  6. Ted Hansen
  7. Greg Smith
  8. Samantha Letvin
  9. Konrad Brown
  10. Rob Lifton
  11. Mike Fink
  12. Justin Triplett
  13. Steve Nowicki
  14. Matt Huber
  15. Cameron Geralds
  16. James ODell
  17. Matt Arnold
  18. Vivian Sanders
  19. Jon Williams
  20. Lucas Del Castillo
  21. Charlie Rysenga
  22. Matthew Gardeski
  23. Evan Allen
  24. David Henry
  25. Jan Henry
  26. Corey Tebo
  27. Scott Scheraga
  28. Nate Bezanson
  29. Tom Kim
  30. Nate Wallace
  31. Claudine Viado
  32. David E Kelley