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Agenda for 08-18-2015

Chair: Justin Triplett


Experienced Members

  • Evan - infrastructure zone
  • Corey - is willing to commiserate and/or help with projects

New Members & Guests

  • John - second time introducing himself at a member meeting, trying not to kill himself
  • Nathaniel - third time visiting, has cool white glasses

Show and Tell

  • Tom made a giant light panel that is blinding
  • Nikki - finished assembling a 3D printer
  • Jamie - made pretty wings out of metal
  • Corey - hot wheels car
  • Brandon - made a lamp out of a transmission

Old Business

Documenting Maker Faire Lessons Learned

Edit this page! Maker Faire 2015


  • Nominee speeches / member questions
  • Nominee attendance (current list) at this meeting
    • Evan
    • Corey
    • Jamie
    • Nick
    • Tom
    • Leora
    • James
    • Matt G
    • Mike
    • Matt A
  • Nominations close tonight at 11:59pm
    • Accept your nomination by then to be considered for the position
  • Elections are Tuesday, September 1st
  • Voting will be all electronic

New Business


  • Scott & Gary did that last year
  • It's Thursday, October 8th during the day
  • Gary will post on the mailing list asking for a couple more volunteers, it's a lot of fun

Smoking pots

Were out front, but not out there right nownow, Greg will order one now

Zone updates


  • Matt Arnold is the new classroom warden
  • Construction is being done by the landlord's company, probably over the nest 3-ish months

Compute Zone

Beaglebone meetup next week- introduction to Python

  • Tuesday at 7:30 is pre-meeting for anyone to get a head start on Python
  • Thursday at 7:30 is the Beaglebone meetup

Craft Room

Button machine is broken

Fab Lab

South door is temporarily closed due to impending construction


There's always an infrastructure To-Do

Jewelry Zone

  • Question: How hot does the kiln go? Answer: 1500 degrees F
  • Question: What is the chemical makeup of the pickle pot? Answer: No idea, but it's probably safe, so whatever, get off our back.

Kiln Zone

Terry's looking for a co-warden for the Kiln Zone

  • Terry's really good at delegating, he would make an excellent supervising

Laser Zone

Laser cutter was fixed twice last week

  • Brand new E-Stop button
  • Brand new hinges

Metal Shop

Condition of metal shop its mess, members please clean up

Tool Crib

  • Charlie has resigned as tool crib warden
  • Greg wants to restore hardware and fasteners to area, move air tools to Tool crib
  • Tom wants to volunteer to be tool crib warden

Tree House

Nico cleaned up the whiteboard room, it looks really great in there now

Vinyl Zone

Marie and Matt A are doing a handoff of warden-y responsibilities

Welding Zone

  • Join the #welding channel on slack if you want to stay in the loop on welding
  • Welding classes are now more informal, more like one-on-one, just ask


Wiki workshop was held last week, good mix of old and new wiki users

Wood Shop

  • lathe is up and running contact Greg for help
  • Saw stop is back in business
    • Remember Authorized users only check Wiki or clipboard for user list
  • New clamps in shop

Space Project Updates


  • Currently the system is broken
  • Evan is working on getting the system up and running
  • Camera policy is also in need of updating

Sign in desk at front of space

Leonard is programming ipads

Siemens Stuff

  • There are now videos up on youtube, see the i3 blog/facebook for more details
  • Charlie is setting up training with Siemens



We have a press now!!

  • Ashley L bought it out of her own funds
  • Plans to use the $1000 budget to get supplies and accessories for it, pending board approval
  • Plans to be stored on a cart to be moved from craft area to commons area
  • More details on the Letterpress page
  • Signal Return is doing another fundraiser "Type-O-Rama"


Applications are now being accepted for the next ter look for details on the mailing list

  • September - November is the next scholarship term


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:18
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 29

Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


no proposals yet, Charlie.


  1. Evan Allen
  2. Tom Kim
  3. Joe Zakar
  4. Amelia Meyer
  5. Matthew Gardeski
  6. Samantha Letvin
  7. Jamie Burdeski
  8. Brian McPherson
  9. Steve Nowicki
  10. Nickolas Anderen
  11. Brad Tarratt
  12. Nikki Weltman
  13. Greg Smith
  14. Dave Scholl
  15. James O'Dell
  16. Jon Williams
  17. Kevin Flory
  18. Lewis Dennison
  19. Nate Wallace
  20. Justin Triplett
  21. Leora Druckman
  22. Tanya Tkacz
  23. Brandon Biller
  24. Matthew Arnold
  25. Ashley Lesser
  26. Gary Morin
  27. Jan Henry
  28. David Henry
  29. Mike Fink