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Agenda for 03-19-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Lew gave a very nice intro to what i3 is. Also, remember to leave things better than you found them.
  • Welcome everyone!

Experienced Members

  • Matt C has been a member for about 4 years. He's the membership coordinator.

New Members & Guests

  • James is interested in plumbing and trees (?) and is getting into woodworking.
  • Josh likes working on props.

Show and Tell

  • Josh has some fire wands that he's working to restore.
  • John (a Tech Shop and Villiage Workshop refugee) has his doodlebot and CNC cardboard box cutting machine to show off after the meeting.

Old Business


  • Matt C: the Board is still actively looking for suggestions on how to better communicate with the membership
  • Let him know if you have any suggestions

10th Anniversary Open House

  • This is coming up fast this Sunday, 3/24/2019 10am-4pm!
    • Gary has put out a press release and submitted i3 to local news outlets, so there's a chance someone from there might show up. Lets get some sparks flying and lasers pewwing to show off.
  • We could use a few more demonstrations to show off.
  • We could also use some additional volunteers to help out during the open house.
  • Check out the #party-planning slack channel!

New Business

Upcoming Events

See our Calendar for full details.

  • Wiki Wednesday 3/20/2019 7:00pm
  • Tabletop Gaming 3/21/2019 7-10pm
  • Friday Nite Tours, Open Craft Room, Ceramics Workshop 3/22/2019
  • Stitch 'N Bitch 3/23/2019 4-6pm
  • i3 10th Anniversary Open House 3/24/2019 10am-4pm
  • Amateur Radio General Class 3/25/2019 7-9pm
  • Project Club 3/26/2019 7:30-10pm
  • Board Meeting 3/26/2019 7:30pm
  • Biweekly Sewing Monthly Sew-Up 3/27/2019 7-10pm
  • Beaglebone Meetup 3/28/2019 7-10pm
  • Friday Nite Tours, Open Craft Room 3/29/2019
  • Tutu Much Fun tutu workshop 3/30/2019 1-6pm
  • Intro to TIG Welding 3/31/2019 2-5pm

Zone updates



Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:50
  • Attendees: 21

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mark F
  2. Steve N
  3. Brad T
  4. Lyra T
  5. Nikki W
  6. Robert B
  7. Will H
  8. Josh A
  9. David H
  10. Gary G
  11. Sean W
  12. Paul L
  13. Mike F
  14. Greg G
  15. Jane G
  16. Ruth S
  17. Paul F
  18. Amelia M
  19. Dave S
  20. Frank A
  21. Matt C

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