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Minutes for 03-05-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by the chair - 2 minutes
    • What we are: a 10 year old community of makers
    • What we value: Making and the educational process, helping each other out
    • We determine success by: There's personal success: coming in, finishing a project, leaving the space better than you found it. As a community, there's building something that lasts
    • Welcome everyone!

Experienced Members

  • Matt C has been a member for about 4 years. He's on the board and has been the VP of Membership for the last couple years.
  • Nes is the coordinator of the ceramics zone. She only joined last summer but feels like she's got a lot of experience in that time. She hosts regular ceramics classes
  • Eric has been a member for a very long time, held several officer positions, and then had kids. There's a picture of his daugher sitting in our old CNC machine in #space-business on Slack

New Members & Guests

  • George has been at a couple makerspaces in the area, Tech Shop and Village Workshop, and is getting a feelign for how
  • Kulvir moved here from California two weeks ago. He had access to a lot of machine shop tools at school and is looking forward to working here.
  • Matthew is in the process of joining, he does woodworking. He brought a project he recently completed, a hand-routered

Show and Tell

  • Drew made his first ever sewing project, a drawstring bag.

Old Business

  • Science Fair (POC Gary G) - The request for help went out on the mailing list. Thanks for the volunteers, and we could still use more judges.

New Business

Rust Belt booth shared by some members?

  • Nes suggests possibly getting a group together to share a booth at the Rust Belt

Floor Planning Committee


  • We've gotten a lot of responses to the zone survey with upwards of 15 new zones proposed.
  • If you have questions, stop by #floor-planning on Slack.
  • We're still sorting all the information and we're working on a process to get everyone the information so that anyone can put together and submit a floor plan proposal.
  • George asks about paint booth and powder coating oven, Jamie confirms those have been proposed.
  • Tanya has some requests for space and placement of the Jewelry Zone
  • Jamie will make sure if those are in the Jewelry Zone notes.

Fundraising Committee

POC Vivian: We are starting a Fundraising Committee to coordinate various fundraising and grant writing activities at i3. It will ensure that all fundraising activities are approved and have appropriate follow up and be a point of contact for all members interested in working on fundraising or grant writing at i3. The president & treasurer will co-chair. Questions should be directed to Vivian.

Special Events

Sunday, March 24th, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of i3's founding, the groundbreaking for B Side, and...


The event will likely start at 10am. We need party planners and helpers. Some discussion has already been happening in the #party-planning Slack channel. Let's all get together and welcome REDACTED back to i3.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 6
7:30-8:30 Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, March 7
7:00-10:00 Game Night
7:30-9:30 Meta-Floor-Planning Committee Meeting
Friday, March 8
6:00-9:00 Friday Night Tours
7:00-9:00 Open Night Craft Room
Saturday, March 9
1:00-3:00 Learn to file your own taxes at the Intro to Personal Tax Returns Class
1:00-4:00 Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup (Monthly Challenge/Race)
4:00-6:00 Stitch 'N' B!t¢ħ
Sunday, March 10
2:00-5:00 i3 Motorsports Meetup
12:00-7:00 Open Sewing and Training Hours (times may change)
Monday, March 11
7:00-9:00 Ham Radio Class is in its sixth week
Tuesday, March 12
7:30 March Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 13
7:00-10:00 i3 Sewing Semi-Monthly Sew Up
7:30-8:30 Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, March 14
7:30-9:30 Meta-Floorplanning Committee Meeting
Friday, March 15
6:00-9:00 Friday Night Tours
7:00-10:00 Open Craft Room
Saturday, March 16
1:00-4:00 EMPUG (Eastern Michigan Python Users' Group) Meetup
Sunday, March 17
♣♣♣Saint Patrick's Day!!!♣♣♣
11:00-2:00 Intro to Welding Class
2:00-5:00 i3 Motorsports Meetup
Monday, March 18
High absenteeism at work
7:00-9:00 Ham Radio Class is in its seventh week
Tuesday, March 19
7:30PM Third Tuesday Meeting for March followed by demos of Doodlebots and a box making machine refugee from The Village Workshop and TechShop
Sunday, March 24
10:00AM 10th Anniversary Party, see above.

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • Downloaded VCarve for wood router and ran a sample GCode file from their program and tested it on the Mach3 controller with Steve. All looks good. Will contact the VCarve folks for a Maker license. $99/yr and can be used on 5 computers at the space.
  • Had coolant pump motor coil wire replaced by Lloyd's Electric in Ferndale. Working great and they even painted the case for us.
  • New oil pressure switch has been installed.
  • New member Christen is doing some cool engraving lately and Thad is doing very precise milling on the molds down to 0.0005 inches and the "ole" Haas is performing like a champ.
  • The 1MB memory of the Haas is a bit of a pain but looking into workarounds with "drip feed" programs.

Craft Room

No news.

Fab Lab

  • Machines are all (pretty much) up and working.
    • One of the Rostock printers (the right one) had an issue with one of the extruders, but the other works fine.

Injection Molding

  • Doing a lot of mold making and not much molding but that should change soon.
  • Will do an injection molding class this Spring

Jewelry Zone

  • The zone has held several classes recently and will be holding more soon. The zone has been seeing a lot of use.

Media Lab

  • New software, Home Designer Architectural 2019 is now on the Mac. A link to training videos is posted on Media Lab Slack.
  • More Photo Black and Yellow inks for DesignJet printer will be arriving later this week.

Vinyl Zone

  • Charlie reports that everything has been working well. Let him know via Slack/email/in person if you need help using the zone.

Welding Zone

  • Welding Zone has consistently failed to burn or electrocute anybody. To help continue that tradition, more classes are planned. There is one seat left in the March 17th Intro to Welding. Future classes ONLY happen by request, so join the #welding slack channel or email welding@i3detroit.org to request!

Wood Shop

  • Update from Zone Assistant to general membership: The woodshop has been incredibly appreciative of all the help recently especially in the form of new members that have been more than gracious with their time and energy, that said we also are hoping to keep this steam going and would ask the general membership that they help us by posting messes they find in our slack channel, notifying the zone coordinators and assistants to issues they see and also by making sure they assist in the upkeep of the zone. We ask members to remember that as posted, the woodshop sharpens, maintains and replaces most if not all of the blades, bits, and abrasives in the zone, and when something has been exhausted there is a cost to replace it, please keep that in mind when it comes to use and upkeep of the facilities.
  • Thomas Tusano would like to teach you! Our general members, woodworking and guitar building concepts and help you realize what projects you have by getting you started with the skills and authorizations you need to work in the woodshop! This is a call for topics for future classes and gauging interest for those interested in working in the i3 Woodshop. Please email or Slack Thomas for more details or to discuss what classes and skills you'd like to learn or for any authorizations you may need!


U of M SSW Project

  • Vivian's student has gotten acquainted with the wood shop and the laser cutters.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:00
  • Attendees: 30

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Lewis D
  3. Jamie B
  4. James O
  5. Amelia M
  6. Alec B
  7. Gary G
  8. George D
  9. Vivian S
  10. Greg G
  11. Ann Marie M
  12. Jane G
  13. Brian W
  14. Matthew B
  15. Rufus T
  16. Cyrile G
  17. Dave S
  18. Jessie B
  19. Elizabeth B
  20. Nes L
  21. David H
  22. Paul L
  23. Matt C
  24. Steve N
  25. Kulvir J
  26. Mark M
  27. Drew J
  28. Eric M
  29. Frank M
  30. Paul A

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