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Mitre Saw
Name Abrasive wheel Mitre Saw for Metal
Zone Welding Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
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Date Acquired
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Authorization Required No
Status Departed

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This is a Harbor Freight metal saw. It uses abrasive wheels to cut through ferrous or non ferrous metals. Don't use it for glass/ceramics, as wheel has a large chance of exploding in your face. Most things you would use this for would be better cut on the drop saw in the Metal Zone. If you're using this thing, you should have a good reason.


Wear safety glasses AND a face shield. This thing is cheap, and the (cheap) wheels explode like a (cheap) shotgun to the (expensive) face. Watch where your sparks go, since they can set fires very easily.


0. Pray 1. Unplug, check machine, especially wheel. 2. Load material 2a. Set angle of material (Put on your safety gear now if you don't already have it on. Seriously.) 3. Plug saw in to an outlet that can handle the load. (Anything in the weld zone is fine) 4. Verify saw works by giving it a test spin (Squeeze handle while pushing thumb safety) 4a. If any excessive vibration or unusual noises happen on test, DON'T USE. Fix problem. (contact ZC if you can't) 0a. Pray again 5. Start saw spinning. When at full speed, SLOWLY bring down onto metal 6. Cut evenly, with light pressure. Let the tool do the work. DON'T FORCE IT! (forcing explodes the wheel) 7. Be ready for material to drop when cut finishes. If the drop is small, it will likely fly off with the rest of the sparks. Make sure nobody is in the way! 8. Remove material, clean up dust, unplug and return to storage. 0a. Give thanks for still having a face.

Maintenance Info

If wheel is chipped or cracked, replace. If saw powers up but won't run or runs erratically, may need new brushes. If (when) saw explodes, perform appropriate first aid on face of any operator not wearing face shield. Replace face shield if present and damaged.


Q:"Is this thing really all that dangerous?" A: Yes. Flying metal, burning sparks, exploding wheels, this thing is a hazard.

Q:"WTF dude!? Why do we even have this thing?" A: Members wanted to use it instead of the drop saw in the metal shop, despite it being less accurate, more dangerous, and more expensive in the long run.

Q:"Is there any reason we don't get rid of this thing and MAKE them use the drop saw?" A: There are times when this is actually the best tool. It cuts faster and is way more portable than the drop saw. It's more forgiving when cutting thin material. It doesn't suffer from lost teeth. If used safely, it's kinda nice to have around. Besides, it keeps lazy people from making messes in the Machine Shop, which I'm all for.


Buy a better one. Supplement with a cold saw.

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