Modular Analog Synthesizer

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Let's do this! There is a plan to meet in the evening of 2013/05/30 to discuss some options, and probably establish further meetings. Please reach out to the members mentioned below if you are interested.


Examples in Italics

High Level Design

Intense modularity? Arbitrary number of Oscillators? Visual Output?

Low level requirement

let's wrap some coils! or I want to use some parts I got from a small annoying yellow robot I met... and dismantled

Physical Needs

Portability? stacking? racking? maybe turbo fraking?


Make Notes! Document here or link to new pages to expound upon big sub topics

Jason's (dik909) collected resources thus far:


Who now?

Eager to help make this happen. Get at me.. :)

Justin (jtrip) here, I was also speaking to Jason about this, actually thought this was you at first.

Who Else is interested?

Jason Dudycha is VERY interested. Already been collecting resources. Eager to share..

5/31 Did anyone meet up? was discussion had?