Synchrowave 350 LX

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Synchrowave 350 LX
PXL 20231101 180618955.jpg
Name Synchrowave 350 LX (TIG)
Zone Welding Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Walker / Synchrowave 350 LX
Part Number
Date Acquired 2022-05
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 400

Power Requirements 350A at 34VAC
Documentation Synchrowave Manual - Media:O356B_MIL.pdf

Coolmate 3 manual - Media:O628g_mil.pdf

Other References


This TIG was donated recently. It was scrapped for being too old from their company, but it should still work.


Thoriated TIG welding rods (red tip) are banned in the zone.


Follow the welding zone startup/shutdown procedures, just as with the MIG machine.

Maintenance Info


  1. Clean the gun tip.


  1. Check the level of Argon, and replace if necessary.


  1. Change the coolant in the Coolmate.


Q1: Where can I purchase more argon from when the tank is low?

A1: There's an Airgas supply store less than a mile away on Jarvis St.


  1. Develop a better cable management system.
  2. Order more rods/cups/nozzles.

Synchrowave 350 LX Zone: Welding Area "/>