Sample G Code Test

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The Gcode Test will be Closed Book

  • What two types of programming modes can be used to specify tool position? How do they


  • Describe climb milling.

  • Describe conventional milling.

  • What is the principle purpose of a center drill? Why is a center drill needed?

  • What is the principle purpose of a V-block?

  • What is a bilateral tolerance?

  • What is a symmetric tolerance?

  • What is G Code?

  • Explain the difference between modal and non-modal G codes.

  • Describe what an M code does.

  • Explain the effect of each of the following blocks of code:

T1 M6
G0 G90 G40 G21 G17 G94 G80
G54 X-75 Y-25 S500 M3  
G43 Z100 H1
G1 Z-20 F100
X-50 M8               
X0 Y50               
X50 Y0               
X0 Y-50              
X-50 Y0              
G0 Z100

Find the errors in the following code:

N1 T16 M06
N2 G90 G54 G00 X0.5 Y-0.5
N3 S1450 M03
N4 G43 H16 Z1. M08
N5 G81 G99 Z-0.375 R0.1 F9
N6 X1.5
N7 Y-1.5
N8 X0.5
N9 G80 G00 Z1. M09
N10 G53 G49 Z0. M05
N11 M30


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