Barbecue this Sunday, everyone’s invited — this means YOU.

It’s been a year since i3Detroit’s first meeting, and what better way to celebrate than by scorching some food?  This Sunday, april 25th, starting around 1pm, we’ll have a grill and a fridge full of pop. Probably other stuff, too, but bringing something to grill and something to pass is encouraged. 1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale.  Rain or shine…

Everyone is welcome at this and all i3Detroit events, so bring your friends!  Think of anyone who’s been looking for an excuse to check out the space. Think back to everyone you hit up for Kickstarter donations.  Think about the teacher, the tinkerer, the doer in your phonebook who’s not in ours.  This applies to anonymous shy people who read our blog and never come around, too.  Just get here, we don’t bite…(or do we?)

There’s so much stuff happening soon, from Pengiucon and Hamvention to Maker Faire Detroit and beyond, we’ll be doing a lot of planning and maybe even some working.  If you’re not involved with any of that stuff yet, this is the perfect time to learn more.

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