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How to nominate someone

Nominees for Board of Directors

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Board nominee survey

All members are welcome to add any question they feel are relevant

How long have you been a member of i3?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Maybe 4 years?
Carpenma (talk)
About 5 years!

What is i3?

Mtfurlan (talk)
A community of hackers trying to help each other learn new things and make cool stuff.
Carpenma (talk)
A group of people interested in making new things, changing old ones, and sharing knowledge!

What types of personal projects do you work on?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Wifi-connected automation shenanigans, ergonomic keyboards, plotters, and sometimes motorsports.
Carpenma (talk)
Some people don't believe it but I do find time to work on my own projects sometimes! Usually electronics and programming related. Hoping to make better use of the lasers and woodshop in the future

What appointments have you held/do you hold now at i3? (previous board, officers, zone coordinators, committee chairs, etc)

You can see history of being on the board, zozo, or officer on each person's wiki userpage.

Mtfurlan (talk)
I'm currently with the bylaws SIG, and I was pretty involved in the expansion committee back when there was stuff to do besides talk to architects.
Carpenma (talk)
I am just wrapping up my second board term. According to my Wiki page I've been the VP of Onboarding for 4 terms (!!!) which is crazy. I've also served on the occasional committee and represented i3 at several events.

What projects have you worked on to improve i3?

Mtfurlan (talk)
I'm one of the maintainers of the space automation systems, as well as a wiki maintainer. Also expansion stuff.

What qualities do you look for in a fellow board member?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Clarity and conciseness.
Carpenma (talk)
Levelheadedness, good communication skills, a willingness to negotiate, humility

What qualities do you have to be a board member?

Mtfurlan (talk)
I work well with others, and try to be levelheaded & calm.
I make decisions based on facts, and I'm always willing to learn.
I care deeply about the organization and am already up to speed on some of the current issues.
Carpenma (talk)
After two terms I feel like I have a good handle on how the board operates, have a
I've also put together a good idea of where we are on our larger initiatives requiring focused effort across several board terms

Why are you interested in being a board member?

Mtfurlan (talk)
I know how to do it and I'm worried a lot of the current board members are burning out.
The expansion stuff is going to continue to be annoying to deal with, on top of all the other excitement we have these days.
Carpenma (talk)
Many of the projects that began during my board tenure are too large to be completed in one term. I would like the opportunity to continue pushing them forward and hopefully get them accross the finish line.
There are also a few large endeavors I would like to get rolling which were eclipsed by all the activity during the most recent board term

What is the biggest issue at i3 that you hope to address in the next year, whether you serve on the board or not?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Rewrite the Bylaws and Standing Rules to be easy to understand and follow instead of unreadable and inconsistent with how we actually run.
Carpenma (talk)
I think the biggest issue facing the organization today is the uncertainty around the expansion. Many factors have gotten in the way but I would like to see us get a clearer idea what will actually be required if we want to use the other half of the building. We need to decide if we need to change our layout plans or possibly walk away from taking over the other half of the building entirely if it comes to it

What are your long-term (5+ years) goals for i3?

Mtfurlan (talk)
I want to have rules that are simple and clear, not just in what you cannot do but written so it's clear that any individual can mostly just go and make things better.
I want to have enough space that people can work on large projects.
I want to have a community knows itself better, there are people I still don't know who I'm sure are doing cool things that I haven't seen.
Carpenma (talk)
In 5-10 years I want i3 to have it's own building owned by the organization whether we acquire financing or get a generous deal from some city
I would also like to see us better integrated with our community with a wider range of regularly scheduled public classes
Finally, I hope to have better lines of communication with our government at all levels. This will both prevent some of our covid compliance stresses from repeating and allows us to leverage our resources to help in future emergencies

What makes i3 great? Why did you join/why do you keep coming back?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Interesting people doing interesting things they are excited to talk about.
Carpenma (talk)
To be honest, I joined for the tools. But when I started spending time hanging around the space I found that the community is tremendously interesting. The breadth and depth of knowledge on any topic we can bring to bear is incredible. I keep coming back to see what other people are working on and see what unusual conversations I can get pulled into!

What isn't i3 for?

Mtfurlan (talk)
People who aren't curious, and people who aren't responsible for their own and other's safety.
Carpenma (talk)
We aren't a job shop. We're where you go when you want to learn to fish rather than be given one.
We are not a gym, if you want to use tools you should be willing to help maintain/repair them, that's what keeps the place humming

What will you do if the board or members pass a decision you disagree with? Will you enforce it?

Mtfurlan (talk)
Voice disagreement at appropriate times, but uphold decisions.
Carpenma (talk)
I hope that we are able to work together to minimize instances where a motion is passed while some members are resolutely against it. But if disagreement is unavoidable I would abide by the rule as passed and try to find ways for more fruitful compromise in the future

What changes do you feel need to be made in i3 policy

Carpenma (talk)
I think the points made by Mtfurlan about the opacity of our rules documents are valid and I would support any efforts to make them easier to understand whether that involves completely rewriting them or adding a plain-english translation making them easier to understand
I would also like to see a more standardized process for documenting training, usage and maintenance procedures for our tools

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