HOWTO Use the Husqvarna for Embroidery

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How to Use the Husqvarna's Embroidery Function

This page assumes you want to use the Husqvarna's computerized embroidery function. For basic sewing use, see the Husqvarna equipment page.

Alternates to This Page

This page attempts to lay out the tool chain for using the Husqvarna for embroidery. However, Husqvarna also offers videos and extensive text-based tutorials. If you'd prefer to use these sources, they are certainly more authoritative, but be warned that they are not quick.

You can find the tutorial materials on discs in the drawer below the Husqvarna (see thumbnail to right), or refer to the separate stash of printed materials on the Craft Room bookshelf.

Location of Tutorial Alternatives


There are two basic tasks involved in using the Husqvarna for embroidery.

# Import a picture or manually create a design which can be used with the Husqvarna.
# Execute the design using the Husqvarna.

Design creation is actually the more complicated task, so we'll cover it later.

About Design Execution

If you'd prefer to do a design while following this tutorial, the Husqvarna has a large built-in library of designs you can use. You don't need to worry about creating a design just yet.

  1. Turn the Husqvarna on using the switch on the right side
    Location of power switch
  2. If it's not already attached, find the Husqvarna foot pedal under the bench. Plug it in on the right of the machine, near the power cord. (See the thumbnail to the right.)
    Husqvarna foot pedal.
  3. Once the LCD boots, select the Embroidery Mode icon. (This icon can be found in the blue bar at the very top of the LCD. It's the fourth icon from the right, the rightmost of two which look like sewing machines. See thumbnail.)
    Sewing Mode icon.
  4. Switch the foot.
    1. In the top drawer of the fabric storage cabinet below the Husqvarna, find the clear box labeled "Husqvarna Feet and Accessories".
    2. In the upper left-hand corner of the LCD, locate the foot display. Find the foot that looks like the display in the LCD.
    3. Raise the foot. On the front display, find the button at top right (with a picture of a foot and an up arrow), and press it. (In the following thumbnail, this is labeled as "1".)
    4. Swap in the new foot. (In the thumbnail, note the metal bar on the foot, labeled as "2". Snap this into the slot labeled "3".
      Insert a new foot...

About Design Creation

The Husqvarna offers a large variety