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  • The space has four independently-controlled furnaces.
  • All four furnaces have the same type of thermostat.
  • Please be aware that a significant fraction of your wintertime membership fees are spent on heating.
  • Our customary wintertime temperature when working in the space is 60-65 degrees.

Thermostat How-To

  • The default temperature setpoint is intended to protect the space and equipment.
  • To prevent unattended heating, the thermostat will automatically revert to the default setpoint at certain times.
  • To increase the temperature for comfort, nudge the "up" arrow until comfortable.
  • When leaving, push the "run" button to return to the default setpoint immediately.

Expert Thermostat How-To

  • Please do not push the buttons covered with green tape.
  • For further information on the buttons covered with green tape, contact Eric Merrill.
  • (For those who feel we shouldn't make Eric get in here every time the batteries get changed to reprogram the thermostats, I've uploaded the user manuals for the different thermostats to their own page, Thermostat Instructions )

When Thermostats Go Wrong

  • The thermostats require two AAA batteries to operate. When the batteries are dying the display will show "lo batt" in the upper, right-hand corner. There's a tiny, phillips-head screw on the underside of the thermostat, just the right size to drop and lose forever, that has to be backed out to take the cover off. When the screw's out the cover tilts forward at the bottom and then you can take it off.
  • Replace the two batteries ( you can find replacement batteries in the E-lab, opposite the windows, all the way to the left ) and the display should come back to life. Hook the top of the cover on the base and tilt it back into place, replace the screw and you should be ready to warm the place up.

Area-Specific Information

  • Office area
    • The office has central heating (furnace located on roof? in closet? location of air filters?).
    • The thermostat is located in the hallway, between the kitchen door and chem lab door.
    • The default temperature setpoint in the office area is 55 degrees.
  • South shop area
    • There is an overhead furnace near the main entrance.
    • The thermostat is on the shop side of north classroom wall.
    • The default temperature setpoint in the shop area at 45 degrees.
  • North shop area
    • There are two overhead furnaces in the Tool Crib.
    • Each furnace has its own thermostat mounted on the north wall of the tool crib, one on each end of it.
    • The default temperature setpoint in the shop area at 45 degrees.


The shop area has many types of ventilation equipment.

  • Shop roof exhaust fans (blocked off in winter)
  • Metal shop wall exhaust fan
  • Shop ceiling fans
    • Controlled by switch next to front door and touch switch next to the men's restroom
  • Specialized exhaust systems
    • Machine Shop exhaust
    • Laser cutters
    • Dust collector

Air Conditioning

Please be aware that a significant fraction of your summertime membership fees are spent on air conditioning for the office area.

  • Office Area
    • Central air conditioning (location of air filters?)
    • The thermostat is located in the hallway, between the kitchen door and fab lab door.
    • Our customary office area temperature when occupied is ?? degrees.
    • Please turn off the air conditioning when the office area is unoccupied.
    • How to work this thermostat:
      • Pressing the up and/or down button causes the temperature to immediately begin to go to the new number on the display. But if the thermostat has been programmed with a schedule of temperature changes, the next automated temperature-change event will still occur at the scheduled time.
      • Pressing the "HOLD" button pauses the schedule of temperature changes until "RUN" is pressed. This leaves the air conditioning running at the currently-set temperature number indefinitely.