Laser Cutter - Wolverine

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Laser Cutter - Wolverine
Laser cutter 110212.jpeg
Name Wolverine
Zone Laser Cutter
Reservation Address Link
Reservation Calendar URL Link
HOWTO Reserve Time on Equipment
Owner Roger Slykhouse
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 2012-09-XX
Storage Location West wall, you can't miss it.
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value 6500
IP Address
MAC Address ec:fa:bc:00:a0:dc
Power Requirements 240V Single Phase
Documentation The setup manual, File:OPERATIONAL MANUAL OF MACHINE xin USB.pdf is worth reading, if only for a laugh.

Inside the cutter, a Leetro MPC6515 control board coordinates the motors and laser firing. Its documentation is freely downloadable.

So much grief has arisen from the awful state of the documentation and software, that an entire Chinese laser support forum has arisen for the hapless owners of these machines help each other.

Other References Good sources of info:



  • You must be authorized to use either Laser Cutter.
  • You obtain authorization by attending 2 training sessions, each with a different trainer.
  • IMPORTANT -->> To obtain training contact an authorized trainer. Kirsten, Alec, Matt H and Terry hold monthly classes, see i3 calendar for times and ticketing information. Andrew, Mike, Matt A, and Roger hold ad hoc classes, contact them directly by email or text.<<--IMPORTANT
  • List of Trainers is at bottom of page HERE.
  • Each training session will take a part of an evening. And scheduling issues mean that members reasonably able to come to i3 should expect to be able to schedule both sessions in about 4 calendar weeks.
  • There is a consumables fee for this machine of $0.25 per minute (or $15 per hour) of laser-on time. (Check the display on the machine right after your job completes to get the time it ran.)
  • A reservation system is currently used for Wolverine. Bumblebee does not. The reservation system is HERE.

Approved Materials List


How to Reserve time on this machine

Reservation calendar

This is a piece of equipment on which use may be reserved. Full details of who has Wolverine reserved and when can be accessed in the calendar app on the laser laptop by Wolverine.


General instructions

The only difference between operating Wolverine and operating Bumblebee is that they have a differently-sized pulley on one axis. If you are already set up to use Bumblebee, and want to use Wolverine, open File > machine options > work table. The dialog has controls for X and Y, both of which have the "..." button. You need to click that button for both of them. You'll see "36". Change that to "24". You'll need to change both of them back to "36" to use Bumblebee again.

Time-of-cut Checklist- Bumblebee

Maintenance Info

The glass should be cleaned regularly, and the screw drives for the Z-axis should be checked for lubrication.

8/10/2018 - Replaced 120mm 120VAC fan with 240VAC fan, disabled the built in 120V outlets, and plugged machine into 240VAC from the bus bar.

Power Meter Readings

Date Power (W) Location User Notes
4/5/2016 20 Right at tube output Mike After tube failure
4/8/2016 154 Right at tube output Mike Brand new tube
4/8/2016 150 Far right, before last mirror Mike


See Bumblebee FAQs


Develop a list of materials, with speed and power settings for various cutting depths. Add bumpers under the lid. Add stringer gas shocks so the lid does not slam shut.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date

User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training

Laser Cutter - Wolverine Roger Slykhouse Zone: Laser Cutter "/>

Note: Users and Trainers authorized on Bumblebee are also authrorized on Wolverine.