MIG Welder - Miller Millermatic 212

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MIG Welder - Miller Millermatic 212
Name Miller "Millermatic" 212
Zone Welding Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Millermatic 212
Part Number Millermatic 212
Date Acquired 2014
Storage Location In the Welding Shop on the East wall
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 2600

Documentation http://www.millerwelds.com/om/o238118d_mil.pdf

File:Miller-M-25-MIG-Gun.pdf ‎

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This MIG welder was purchased in Fall 2014. It is very easy to use and has many automatic settings. So far, so good!


Don't Die. Try not to be on fire (very long0


Simple operation (only on steels): Set the Speed knob to "Auto Set .035", set Voltage knob to the thickness of the steel you're welding. Weld. If you're burning through, turn the Voltage down. If you aren't getting deep enough penetration, turn Voltage up. If you aren't getting it to weld at all, text the ZC for diagnosis (if it's the machine) or training (if it's the user).

Maintenance Info

Since nothing we're doing is "mission critical", the machine is usually only repaired when something goes wrong. There isn't much that preventive maintenance can help, other than changing out parts more often than needed.

  • That said, here are some things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of downtime:
  • 1. Whenever the spool is changed, put on a new filter and put a few drops of wire lube on it. This helps keep dust out of the liner.
  • 2. If the wire is dragging or coming out in fits and starts, think about changing the liner. A business would either change it out after a certain number of hours of welding, or once or twice a year. Since we aren't that busy, and we don't make money, we just keep a spare liner in supplies and change it when it needs it. PLEASE CONTACT THE ZC BEFORE CHANGING THE LINER, unless you're doing it out of your own pocket.
  • 3. Take the machine outside and blow the dust out a couple times a year. This will help prolong the life of the machine.



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