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Agenda for 12-11-2018

Chair: Matt Carpenter

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

Member dues: $5,194
zone/SIG income: $74.00
net class income: $103.27
donations: $3.62
Total income: $5,374.89
Expenses: $6,7692.22
Net for November: ($1.394.33)
Bank balance $56,939.23
Emergency Fund ($30,000.00)
Net $26,939.23


Nothing to report


Nothing to report

Senior Vice President

Nothing to report

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Vanessa is doing some new pottery classes
  • Possible knife-making classes
  • CNC Class on Nov 30 went well.

VP of Membership-Onboarding

+6 members, 4 switched to hiatus

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

Nothing to report

Old Business

Action Item Review

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Still negotiating new lease with landlord.

New Business

2019 Budget

  • The other side of the building should be available to us February 1.
  • Mel: We can afford to rent it, but rent, utilities, upkeep, maintenance, & cleaning supplies will eat up almost all of our income from dues. Based on membership/income from 2018 (assuming they don't go up or down in 2019), we should expect to NET $1000 over the entire year.
  • Gaining more members and/or raising dues would help out with this. Also possibly allowing members to pay for 10'x10' plots of floor space as studios until we get things moved over.
  • Evan: the bare minimum for build out is around $4000 to light it to the same level we currently have in the shop.
  • We have explored renting comparable properties around Oak Park, Warren, Hazel Park, Madison Heights
  • Mel: Also exploring purchasing a building, but that has been slow and we probably don't have enough accurate financial history right now.
  • Evan suggests a survey to ask what members would consider paying for a 10x10 plot.
  • Mel suggests we should be self sustaining with dues.
  • Mike: On the cost of moving vs. possible savings with cheaper rent, Evan, what did you come up with when you calculated the cost of a move?
  • Evan: Ballpark estimate to pay professional movers to move all of our stuff 30 miles is about $30,000, hence our emergency fund. If members help that drops to $10,000 or less.
  • Mel estimates we should be safe with $10,000 in discretionary spending in 2019, based on our large amount of savings and the likelihood that member numbers will go up and/or we increase dues.
  • All zones and officers who responded with a budget request are requesting a total of ~$50,000 for 2019.
  • Bike, Classroom have not requested anything

Discussion of Budgets Rolling Over or Not

  • Mel: Do we want zone budgets to roll over at the end of the year or are they "use or lose"?
  • Evan notes some budgets roll over and are some are self-contained within the zone, and some are not.
  • A lot of explaining this so everyone's on the same page
  • General consensus reached that zone budgets for capital should roll over so that zones can save up for things, but that such rollovers will be taken into account when passing the next years' budget. Maintenance/consumables are use it or lose it. These funds will be tracked separately.


  • Compute/Media has not requested anything.
  • Mel requests $500 for Compute for Adobe Creative Suite subscription & paper.


  • Evan has a detailed list of improvements and maintenance for the space for 2019.
    • Floor smoothing (including acid handling equipment)
    • New fixtures for deep sing
    • Replacement for our front door
    • Reversing kit for classroom glass door
    • Parts to make wood shop ceiling vent functional
    • Exhaust fan parts for metal shop fans
    • LED Fixtures to replace the remaining fluorescent lights we have
    • Air compressor maintenance parts
    • Breakers
    • Sound dampening baffles (fireproof)
    • UPS Batteries
  • Total cost would be $3700.
    • Cutting the glass door kit, wood shop fan, and some lighting brings it down to $2900.

Fire Safety

Sean: $400 for fire extinguisher certification, first aid supplies, etc.


  • Alec requests:
    • $250 for misc. supplies for things like the vending machines
    • $500 for a throw-around mic for meetings
    • $2500 for new tables (custom build by Jody and Thomas, 5 @ $500 each)
  • Lew offers to check his gear, he probably has a spare microphone he can bring in.
  • Jody: how about one or two test tables?
  • We will go with 2 tables for now, no mic. $1250 including misc. supplies.


  • Funds requested: $2000 for Maker Faire, Maker Faire Party, and Halloween party, $2000 for potlock expenses
  • Potlocks are mostly merged with Infrastructure requests. $400 for cleaning supplies
  • Other event funds trimmed to $1500.

Wood Shop

  • Wood shop requests $1200 for dust collector maintenance, $1200 for consumables, $300 for new mitre saw that should be replaced in the next couple years.
  • Dust collector is not immediately necessary, mitre saw can also wait.


Thad withdraws his request for additional lighting


Mike withdraws his request to start saving for a new laser

Tool Crib

Evan requests:

  • $150 for maintenance
  • $1800 for consumables (to stock screws, nuts, etc) and uniform containers for them
  • $2135 for new tools
    • plumbing tools, battery powered tools, universal and complete socket set (plus holders), portable tool set, complete wrench set, full Allen key sets, variety of powered and un-powered drivers for sockets, sheet metal tools, fine work tools
  • Those have been trimmed down to $900 for consumables, $1000 for tools


  • Zone requests $58 for brushes
  • Zone has previously been approved $800 for repair/replacement of serger
  • Zone requests $2000 toward replacement embroidery machine--has been reduced to $1000
  • Some discussion on implementing price per use on sewing machines


  • Mel: Jewelery zone is currently over-budget but there is some disagreement about that.
  • New allocations are suspended until Mel and Tanya can have a meeting.

Fab Lab

  • Lego requests $1000 for ventilation upgrades. Reduced to $750.


No requests


  • Zone requests $600 for kiln computer and $1039 for an extruder.
  • Discussion on kiln controllers, should be able to be done with a rasberry pi, reduced to $140
  • Zone will try to self fund extruder

Machine Shop

  • Tony requests $1000 for maintenance, $1000 for consumables, $1000-$2000 toward a new lathe, $950 for a belt grinder.
  • Lathe savings reduced to $500, maintenance/consumables reduced to $550.

Electronics Lab

  • Nate pares his initial request down to $200 for new ESD floor tiles

Final Budget

  • Mel did some financial sorcery and we are now under budget at $13,848.
Zone Capital Expenses Maintenance & Consumables Total
Activities $1,500 $400 $1,900
CNC $0 $0 $0
Commons $1,000 $250 $1,250
Craft Room $1,058 $500 $1,558
Elab $200 $0 $200
Fab Lab $0 $750 $750
Infrastructure $0 $2,900 $2,900
Injection Molding $0 $0 $0
Jewlery $0 $0 $0
Kiln $140 $0 $140
Laser $0 $0 $0
Leather $200 $0 $200
Machine Shop $500 $550 $1,050
Media / Compute $500 $0 $500
Motorsports $0 $0 $0
Safety $0 $400 $400
Space consumables $0 $500 $500
Tool Crib $1,000 $900 $1,900
Welding $0 $0 $0
Wood $0 $600 $600
Total $6,098 $7,750 $13,848

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 10:56 pm
  • Funds appropriated: $13,848
  • Attendees: 22

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Amelia M
  3. Thad J
  4. Mark F
  5. Con
  6. Kevin F
  7. Conrad E
  8. Brian M
  9. Andy L
  10. Jody R
  11. Melissa G
  12. Paul A
  13. Greg S
  14. Lew D
  15. Vivian S
  16. David H
  17. Jan H
  18. Vanessa L
  19. Matt C
  20. Paul L
  21. Nate B
  22. Tony S

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