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Agenda for 11-14-2019

Chair: Alec Beardsly

Meeting Location

i3 Detroit 1481A Wordsworth St. Ferndale, MI 48220

Meeting was Called to Order At: 1945

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

October Treasurer's Report: https://www.i3detroit.org/wi/images/1/1b/October2019ProfitandLoss.pdf

Bank balance $104,603.63
Emergency Fund ($30,000.00)
Already allocated ($13,172.00)
Expansion allocated ($44,468.00)
Net $16,963.63


  • Nothing to report


  • Organization continues to thrive

Senior Vice President

  • Continue being awesome thank you to those who give tours

VP of Activities & Classes

  • i3 artist vendors have been invited to the blooms ladies night out on 5Dec2019.
    • Possibility of sending an i3 information booth for representation.
  • In the process of creating a set of guidelines for charging for classes.

VP of Membership-Onboarding

Member Advocate

  • Art is back from his unscheduled hiatus.
  • Trying a new numbering system for items. Format is YYMM-## where YY is 2 digit year, MM is 2 digit month, and ## is 2 digit number for specific item that month. Reference previous items as NEW:OLD like 1902-01:1901-01.
  • 1 item brought up this month (1911-01). Ongoing discussion with the board.
  • 1 past item to be discussed with the board after this meeting (1909-01:1907-01).
  • Would like input from the board on what type of reporting they would like from us at the board meetings. Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the office.

Committee Reports

Expansion Committee

  • Construction on firewall is complete.
  • Next step is doors for firewall
  • Upgrades to electric strikes is ongoing.
  • Architect meeting provided insight and inroads to find a working Architect.

Safety & Compliance Committee

Moderation Committee

Fundraising Committee

Still working on grant applications and paperwork for the MEDC campaign.

We still have a lot of goods that we could sell for fundraising, but how? Does anyone want to help coordinate an event where we could sell this stuff?

CRM Committee

  • Work on new CRM is coming along smoothly
  • Planned timeline:
    • December 2019 - Begin testing with sandboxed Seltzer instance with Stripe payments integrated
    • January 2020 - Start moving members to new payment processor
    • February - Everyone paying through the new processor
    • Later in 2020 - Switch from Seltzer to replacement CRM frontend

Camera Review Review

  • 1 camera review since previous board meeting.

Old Business

  • None

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Discussion on mailing list decorum.
  • Discussion about Camera Review.
  • Time frame for dues implementation.
  • Letter sent from Vivian about lessons learned for general membership to be distributed.
  • Discussion of ZC burnout prevention.
  • Discussion about i3 class attendance cost policy.

New Business

  • None
  • Mel motions for meeting to close, 2nd by mat. Passes

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:2015
  • Funds appropriated:0
  • Attendees: 16

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Chair Alec Beardly
  2. Secretary Kevin Fanning
  3. Thomas Tusano
  4. Melissa Gilchrist
  5. Jody Raidford
  6. Jamie Burdeski
  7. Swit
  8. A’lisa
  9. Tim R
  10. Arthur
  11. Alison
  12. Kobert
  13. Paul
  14. Matt

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