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Minutes for 2024-03-19

Meeting Location

Meeting was Called to Order At: 7:35P

i3 Detroit 1481A Wordsworth St. Ferndale, MI 48220



Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Be excellent.
  • Attendance and voting can be found in the #meetings slack channel.
  • Please show up early if you are concerned about your audio.
  • If there is no one waiting to speak feel free to do so at the next opportunity.
  • If there is someone waiting to speak, please say that you are raising your hand in the google call chat. (This will be demonstrated)
  • Please refrain from other side conversations, these can be distracting for the rest of the meeting and make it difficult for the chair to keep track of what's going on.

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget


No report.

Reminder to discuss getting rid of the annual discount for dues.



Minutes are good.


Minutes should be published before the next meeting.



There's still no Vice President.


We should probably put out an invitation.


I'll put out something to the list.


On the topic of open positions, there seem to be opportunities for the board to make appointments; for example appointing a Treasurer from AliciaC or TimC, who have volunteered. There's also perhaps an opportunity for a Safety officer.


We (MelG, AliciaC, and TimC) will decide which one of them will take over that position by next weekend.

Senior Vice President

(Does not exist.)

VP of Membership

Since our last meeting we’ve had 14 new members enter or work their way through Phase 1. Phase 2 has seen great activity with 14 people having completed this phase since last month and another five in the queue to wrap this phase up. ~four people went on Hiatus at this time.

All scholarships spaces have been filled for the moment with 4 people in the waitlist for when an open scholarship becomes available. The new policies that were introduced last month should help to ensure we can offer as many scholarships as possible to the widest number of people possible.

With that said its not all sunshine and roses. We currently appear to have 91 members listed as active showing an account balance of more than one month’s dues representing a total outstanding balance of $92,925. While it’s a slow tedious process to review each account, many do not show as having paid dues on any frequency for quite some time with at least one reviewed not having paid anything in the last 49 months or 4+ years. These are active members with a key to the space and represent 45.2% of the total active members.

If we look at all accounts, there are a total of 154 accounts owning more than one month’s dues, for nearly $131,000. This represents 2,220 months of dues payments or 16 month’s worth of rent based on the average cost of the lease for the next five years.

Later this week I will submit the list of accounts I’ve identified as holding past due balances to the treasurer. I would like to ask the Treasurer to confirm if the CRM is correct and these members are not paying dues before the next board meeting.

VP of Activities & Classes

VPAC Report to the Board of Directors 2024-03-19

  • 'Calendar Emails' have been going out - the verbal feedback from membership has been positive and supportive. Event turnout has been wonderful and shows that members are definitely interested in participating in these types of events. Event metrics like 'number of participants' may be kept track of for future events, so that we can inform our efforts and improve and support our processes for event hosting.
  • On an ongoing basis, 'upcoming events' emails have been sent the i3 Detroit email list. Graphics are now being included in these emails.
  • The 'Event Media Graphics' have also been posted to i3 social media accounts! The anecdotal feedback received from a diverse set of i3 members has been extremely positive. Feedback has included appreciation that the members are active at the space. Some members are grateful that our social media accounts are active! Thank you JanH!
  • All Eventbrite classes hosted at i3 this month are now sold out! This includes jewelry and woodworking, which are listed and coordinated through Eventbrite. (Insert link here)
  • VPAC is actively developing a method (webpage) for members to easily schedule and host events; to help them host events at i3 effectively and responsibly (in-line with our organization guidance and requirements).
  • Important Upcoming Events worth the Board's awareness (Help promote!) :
    • March 30th - Cleaning day Potluck! 3pm-7pm.
    • April 19th - i3 Tours - Behind the Scenes Tech Tour at B. Nektar!

Member Advocate


No report.

Committee Reports

Fundraising Committee

(On hiatus)

Safety & Compliance Committee

(No update. Reports only expected in July.)


As there is currently no one assigned as the head of this, can we put this up for someone from the membership to volunteer for?


We could do a Slack reminder for 'first aid check' reminders.


I'd prefer to keep it as a Safety and Compliance committee.

Moderation Committee


No issues.

Old Business

Camera Review Review


There was a camera review of woodshop to see DaveS getting shocked by the dust collector. The camera footage didn't record that time.

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting


There was a rocket request.


I'll send a message and tell them to do what they're gonna do.


If the person is not there at i3, it is storage, and I would not be okay with that.

Outstanding action items

New Business


What's the best way to contact Treasurer?


treasurer@ is the best email address. Jody and I check that. Feel free to poke me directly to check for anything.



Let's bring the Ceramics ZC proposal to the floor. NickL, want to make your pitch?


I'm interested in being Ceramics ZC.


Has Sabrina stepped down?


She has put her membership into hiatus.


Sabrina is aware of this proposal. She trained Nick and I on the ceramics gear in preparation for this ZC transition.

Appoint Nick Larocca to be Ceramics Zone Coordinator
Moved by AlexT, Seconded by DaveH
All Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS



Let's bring the proposal to appoint HansC to the floor. Is Hans on the call? It seems Hans is not on the call. I propose we table this until next board meeting when HansC is present.

Appoint Hans Chen to be Classroom Coordinator
0 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: TABLED


New ZC NickL rings cowbell! Congratulations NickL!

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Appoint Nick Larocca to be Ceramics Zone CoordinatorAlexTDaveHAll0PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:22P
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 16


MattA (Chair)

DaveS (Secretary)

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