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Agenda for Fundraising Committee 02-04-2020

Chair: Jamie Burdeski

Old Business

  • Lots of MEDC reports got updated, yay! Still need the one for January. Who wants to volunteer? Jamie volunteers.
  • Ford Application is just about ready to submit, just need the section on the corporate sponsorship stuff updated.
  • MEDC gifts: a bunch have been finished and are ready to mail. Want to help? See Jody. Need a form letter to send people to ask for physical address or other way to send them their stuff.

New Business

Example New Business

We're going to look at the draft thank you note together!

Should we create a splash page on our website that people are automatically sent to after giving us a donation, say via PayPal? Same basic language as the Thank You note.

Schedule a once a month workgroup meeting in addition to committee meetings? Tentatively choosing to do it on the fourth Tuesdays at 6:30. If anyone wants to participate go to http://www.i3detroit.org/hangouts.

Kevin Fa. saw a grant from the American Crafts Council. He will do research & get back to us!

Action Items

Action Item: Jamie to update the wiki with fundraising information. Still ongoing.
Action Item: Jamie offered to do a first draft of a generic thank you letter to send donors. Up on google drive, other people should look at it.
Action Item: Voitek to work on corporate sponsorship section of website. Have not heard from him.
Action Item: Paul is going to check with Blumz about what is going on with them. Need to check with Paul.
Action Item: Mel will create a blank doc on fundraising for people to start inputting a draft of the form letter for MEDC gifts. Also post it to slack.
Action Item: Kevin Fa. to research American Crafts Council grant.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:10 pm
  • Attendees:

Jan Henry
Jody Raiford
Jamie Burdeski
Melissa Gilchrist
Kevin Fanning

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.

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