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Meeting Minutes of 10-20-2009



  • 322 E. 4th St.
  • Royal Oak, MI


~12 people.

See Sign up sheet.


  • start 7:30pm
  • not much on the agenda this week
  • new member orientation

Standing rules

  • same as last week

Punchlist - things left to do

  • ideas on what things are still left to do in the space:
  • on the whiteboard:
    • door handle for the studio door
    • door handle on blue doors needs to be turned around
    • stable network, call wow for a new modem
    • security system
    • back room needs to be organized, shelving
    • complete the workbench
    • HVAC
    • cordreel for classroom extension cord
    • projector mounting
    • ethernet drops
    • seal and cover windows
    • make space warmer for arts/crafts work, rolling carts, cabinets, places to display work -- bigger project
    • signage and calendar of events / classes in the front window
    • lit sign above our garage door
    • shelving under the stairs

New membership ideas

  • drive members to the space
  • get more interest
  • increase our classes, more promotion
  • more 'themed' nights or events (microcontrollers, soldering, radio, crafting)
  • open build nights
  • more classes
  • talk to other groups (Handmade Detroit)
  • weekend events
    • important for people can't make it weeknights

Member storage

  • keeps coming up
  • as we organize more, decide on shelving / cabinets, clean the back room, this should work out
  • do we need rules for large projects / use of storage?
    • pros: easier to put rules in place now, need rules before it becomes a problem
    • cons: should be common sense, should fall under the "don't be a dick" clause
    • idea: appoint a 'czar' of space, who you can go to for space issues
    • idea: label your project, label your space, "call me if you need to move this"
    • idea: make
    • we all work together, but without communication toes will be stepped on

Cleaning crew

  • rotates every tuesday
  • who will go this week?
    • rashad and nate volunteered again


  • Ed: free notebooks for logging tool usage
  • Ed: waivers are now in a spreadsheet so we can quickly see who has a waiver on file
  • Russ: first electrical bill $90.. on the order of what we expected, and we had pretty heavy usage, so it's seems pretty good
    • gas is next..
    • watch the thermostat, turn it down when you leave
  • Thursday cereal bar
  • friday - lunch? about setting up an ignite detroit
  • we have a new member!

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