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i3Detroit, members bimonthly meeting Oct 5th 2010

Ross Smith acted as chair person and Bradley McMahon acted as secretary of the meeting.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm Oct 5th 2010.

  • Attendees:
    • Ross Smith
    • Ed Platt
    • Drew Schultz
    • Nathan Warnick
    • Dennay Bedard
    • Paul Kerchen
    • Eric Merrill
    • Dustin White
    • Nathan Bezanson
    • Dan Swondo
    • Karen Corbeill
    • Matt Switlik
    • Trevor Cook
    • Bob Bedard
    • Cherish
    • Bradley McMahon
  • Delegates from Penguicon:
    • James Hice
    • Matt Arnold

Call to Order and Member Introductions

Review Agenda

  • Debrief of Board's 1st Meeting (insurance, landlord, fire inspection):
    • TODO: Ross will follow up with landlord on heat and electric bills as well as supplying heating sources for the space

  • Fire inspection: waiting on quote:

** estimated we only need one extra fire extinguisher to meet code

** ~$150 for the tagging and extinguisher

** TODO: find the height required on the signs (fire extinguisher, etc..)

  • INTRODUCTION OF COMMITEES! How To Start & Participate In One

  • Introduction of 501(c)3 Committee: Purpose, Call for Volunteers

  • Introduction of Beautification Committee: Purpose, Call for Volunteers

  • (Forthcoming) Web Committee: XSS vulnerability; Call for Volunteers

  • TODO: PR committee

** how should it relate to the web committee

  • Vertical Storage Clean-Out

  • New business:: graveyard proposal:

** labels: date placed in the graveyard

** Salvage / Junkyard party

** Free Geek

** Why did the original plan fail? Signs

** Rename: Unloved items area

  • Potlock: The Rapture of Red Green
  • Status Update, Potlock Items, Budgeting – Not Too Late to Join!

** Oct 9th, 2010

** Please talk to Cherish if you want to get involved

** If you want to help with food see Laurie

** Lists of tasks is on the wiki with Volunteers

** Nate Bezanson will head up grabbing supplies for the potluck, will be at Homedepot during the welding class

  • Penguicon Halloween Party Update: Will Potlock affect the party?

** Contact Kareen about publicizing the party and getting pamphlets

** from 8pm - 2am on Oct 30th

** Looking for volunteers to help clean up the space

** Costume contest prizes

  • Presentation and Vote on October Budget with special provision for Potlock

** allocating funds for the potluck ** Proposal to do a Ballot vote for allocating funds for the build out, before or after

  • Review Upcoming Events (see reverse)

** United Way tour

** Welding Class Saturday @ 2pm

** U of M musical instruments petting zoo

** Zombie Walk of Detroit - Sunday

** Art meets technology - 10.10.10

** Monday is Microcontroler Monday

** Tuesday Needle Crafting

** Thunderdome on the 16th

  • New Business

** New member introduction

  • Punch list Review (cross-reference with Potlock list?)

  • Adjourn 9:00pm

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