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04-- i3 Detroit, October 4, 2011 Meeting - Regular Meeting

7:30pm Start, Meeting held at i3 Headquarters in the Common

Meeting Summary

Dues Reminder (Dustin W.) - Friendly reminder that members need to timely pay their dues.

501c3/Non-Profit Status Update (Ed. Platt) - In the process of applying for status.

Halloween/Ted's Birthday Party & Cleaning Beforehand (Ted H.) - HalloweenTed H’s Birthday Party to be held here on Saturday, October 29, 2011. Party planning will begin this week.

Parking Permits/Process (Nate B.) - There is a growing problem of parking permits being inadequately filled out, e.g. not signed off by board members.

Wiki Updates (Nate B.) - Great efforts have been made by members to contribute to our Wiki. Roger has been working on tool pages, Ted H. on Templates, Matt O. has been trying to get people to join the wiki, sign up on the member list, and encourages everyone who has not yet done so to sign up.

CNC Update (Nate B.) -  The CNC machine is working beautifully. Nate B. will begin teaching everything.

AIGA Pinewood Derby (Matt O.) – AIGI Detroit, Pinewood Derby competition. We are going to be helping the pinewood derby contestants with our space and tools on October 24, 2011 and 8pm. For more information, see blog post and see Event Brightlink on blog to join and compete.

‘Potlock’ (Dustin W.) - ‘Potluck/Lockin’, where we can clean up the place and bring in our own food to be held November 19, 2011. A list of things to do will be created beforehand.

Dust Collector Update (Nate W./Dustin W.) - Still being worked on, we are searching a source for corrugated ductwork.

Kiln (Nate. B.) - There are no vocal objections to bringing in the kiln, scheduled to arrive soon. Roccoo, not present at meeting, is the one who in charge of this.

Coin Changer - (Dustin W.) - New coin changer has been brought in for the vending machine.

Borrowing Items from the Space (Dustin W.) - Friendly reminder, don’t take items from the space without asking and being granted express permission by the owner. Also, put a label with your name all items you bring in the space.

Treasurer Handoff - Paul handed off treasurer duties to Ed Platt.

New Member Introductions - New Members and Guests have introduced themselves.

White Board Room (Karen C.) - Room will be converted into a media room with a TV/Projector which classes can be held in. Desks will be removed.

Adjourned, ~8:00pm

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