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06-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, March 6th, 2012

Chair : Ted Hansen.

Start, 7:34pm


David Alverez

Nathan Bezanson

Joe Bender

Ryan Busch

Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Ted Hansen

Rocco Marras

Jody Raiford

Dustin White


Member Show & Tell

[Brian Betts' tanks]

Power Wheels Update

Ted H. – It’s powerwheels season. We have a vague plan for 3 cars right now. Shawn Denny, and brother and a couple names will make their car under the i3 name, superluminal. 3rd car will be purple escalade, Karen’s idea, covered in fur, a ‘monster truck’. In the process of repairing the 3rd vehicle.

Penguicon Update

Last weekend of April. About 4 members present our going to present materials. Combination of open-source/sci-fi membership. 3-day convention, to be held at the Dearborn Hyatt.

Roger S. - Will bring Maker bot and CNC Circuit Board maker to convention. He’s looking for volunteers to man it. Talk to Roger if you’re interested.

Joe B. - The Room that the space we have will be in shared with AHA, we should collaborate.

TechShop Opening Fair Update

Rebranding i3

Matt O. Julie Lang, co-community impact director of AIGIA Detroit, They are offering to do a full rebranding for us, website, promotional materials, etc. Catch, if they do, we have. Matt would be the liaison for this. Email Matt O. to be part of the rebranding effort.

MOTION - Engage AIGA to start this, and set aside initial $100.00, for Matt O. set aside for material costs associated with rebranding. Passes without objection.


Dustin White: Reminder, March 24, 2012 is month. It’s big cleanup day, bring food. Materials list is being compiled.

Proposal Authorize Dustin White $1,000.00, for supplies lights, more pallet rack, bench, garage door seals, bins for storage, bins, casters, carpet tile, cord wheel. For the upcoming PotLock. List to be provided. Proposal will be put on the mailing list within the next couple of days, until we get a report from the treasurer saying we have enough.

Welding Area: New Zone Coordinator

Dave is staying as zone warden, we don’t need a new warden.

New Members/Guests

Khurram Imam - The Melrose Block Club(located in the City of Detroit) and Vanguard Community Development Corporation Safety Initiative is looking for technical assistance for a cost-effective street lighting solution to make the area safer. Considerations include what is a good light, lamppost. Addressing safety, theft production, and maintenance.

New Business

Camp Detroit

Kristine Diven – Electronic music fest, proposals, various projects installation art that can be ranging for simple to complex, based on proposals, submit proposals and g $1,500 per project available.

For more details, See http://campdetroit.tumblr.com/


Rocco M. – I have an extra oven, would i3 want it? It would live by the kiln. [No objection raised]

Adjourned, 8:08pm

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