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17-- i3 Detroit – Regular Meeting April 17, 2012

Start, 7:30pm, Held in the commons


Nicholas Anderson

Nate Bezanson

Milissa Binkowski

Karen Corbeill

Hans Chen

Trevor Cook

Steve f00f

Ted Hansen

Steve Hermann

Paul Kerchen

Rocco Marras

Ed Platt

James Sanborn

Dave Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Matt Switlik

James Valleroy

Nate Warnick


Penguicon Workshops

Roger S. We are sharing a workshop with All Hands Active, we are bringing soldering stations, etc.

Laser Cutter

Ted H. – Our old laser cutter is now gone, original owner has taken it back. Nate B. – He will head the search will head search, he will post on the list.

AIGA Matt O. – Nate B and Matt O. met with AIGA design organization, met with them, on April 7, 2012. Members are encouraged to show up to give input.

Starship Bridge Game Nate B. – Bought a copy of the Starship Bridge Game and will be hosting a group game this Friday night at 10pm.

Arduino Invasion Roger S. Has cheap aurdinos, tell him how many and what kind.

501(c)(3) Update

We have non-profit status

New Business


Nate B. - is coming up in July 13 – 15, 2012.

Ann Arbor Mini-Maker Faire

Karen C. - Contact Karen C. to register for maker space, help represent i3 Detroit,June 2, 2012 It’s free!


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