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2013-10-01 I3Detroit Regular Member meeting 7:30pm

Chair Justin Triplett


Intros: New Members / Guests

  • Joseph Conrad - new member
  • Alicia G.
    • new member
    • heard of i3 through Andrew M.
    • interested in crafts
  • Gary S. - returning after a year

Coordinator Updates

Fab Lab

1. Laser!
        a. The Full Spectrum 40W hobby laser is up and operable!
        b. Process of operation is sufficiently different from the 150W lasers
that we will not be accepting training on one to suffice for the other.
        c. Training classes will be held at a future, to-be-announced point, or
contact one of the folk listed on the wiki as trainers.

2. Rostock MAX!
        a. The machine is inoperable at the moment, because the resistors used
to heat the hotend have become so wildly nonlinearly thermally dependent
that the machine is incapable of reaching melt temperatures. Serves us
right for trying to substitute one set of resistors for another of the
same resistance and power rating without looking up maximum operating
temperature. -.-
        b. Heater cartridges are in at my apartment, and will:
                i. Add roughly double the heating capacity, meaning (slightly) faster
startup. (slightly because the bed is the overwhelmingly large amount of
time still)
                ii. Actually be rated for the tempeatures achieved and never, ever
break down.
                iii. Be a stable, constant part, even if they need to be replaced.
        c. Repair and reconditioning will occur sometime this weekend.
        d. Training classes will be held at a future point, and will be
announced (and probably on Eventbrite as physical space is limited).

3. TODO List Bounty
        a. Seeecret project which will be announced soon!

Welding Etc.

  • New mobile curtains
  • Vinyl Zone shifted around a bit
  • Injection Molding
    • Power to be provided for it between Tool Crib and Kiln Zone in about 2 weeks

E Lab

  • Real time clocks available
  • Class on Arduino motors
    • Went pretty well
    • 4-5 attendees
    • Someone on the wait-list for the next class should teach something they know.
    • Something with a curriculum

Laser Zone

  • New training course being put into writing
  • Contact Terry, Bezanson, or Devon T. in the mean time if you need training

Craft Zone

  • Oct 12 Bob Ross Class
    • Earlier for detailed learning
    • Later for session for fun
    • Needs volunteers
    • Donation recommended
    • Show Up, drink do a painting

Kiln Zone

  • Expansion finished
  • Ceramic kiln is in place
    • Needs a volunteer with know-how about how to run a ceramics kiln, Max S.?
  • Glass Classes
    • People showed interest in slumping
      • 2 Day class, 2-24 hour processes
      • Happening some time in November
  • Applause for Terry

Tool Crib

  • Jason resigns, seeks bicycle zone rejuvenation
  • Tool Crib needs volunteers to reorganize after CNC

Wood Shop

  • Orientation Class Oct 10th
    • Find out what tools we have
    • Find out where tools are kept after some reorganization happened
    • Small hand sanders moving from Tool Crib to Wood Shop
  • Router Workshop Oct 23rd
  • Both Classes are on the i3 calendar

Tree House

  • Rearranged
    • 14% more awesome
    • Second XBox to be hooked up

Compute Zone

  • Open source Freedom Day
    • Justin got no sleep night before, can't remember
    • Installed some Linux Distros
    • Everyone had a good time


  • Here in 3 weeks

New Business

Lanparty Prep

  • Oct 12 8:00pm to TBD
    • Terreria
    • Team Fortress
    • League of Legends
  • Please install your stuff before you show up
    • We don't have the bandwidth to download games for everyone at once

Genie Update

  • Don't buy batteries from Costco
  • Looking for GC2 Golf cart batteries
  • Safe to use, but you might frustrate yourself
  • It can descend, it just might not go up.
  • You'll need to keep it plugged in, get help to manage the cable

Urban Sensor Hack

  • Margaret, Justin, Chris, Mark
  • A thing sponsored by Make
  • We have $100 books and $100 electronics
  • Now we have to make something with it
  • Deadline Oct. 19th
  • An environmental focus for the sensors
  • Need a video to show off what we're doing, call for videographers?
  • Idea: sense chemicals made at Gage company, next door
  • Do we have a mass spectrometer?


  • Who is going to Cuba?
  • Mario and Matt O. are going to Cuba.
  • Members of a 501c.3. can go to Cuba for research purposes
  • 120 jobs available as "free market" jobs in Cuba
  • Mario speaks
    • Went to Cuba in 1992
      • It's like Detroit, no one there and no windows
      • The people were welcoming
    • He wants to bring raw materials for hacking stuff - looking for suggestions on supplies
    • Build a makeshift ship to Florida? (Matt didn't know about this part).
    • Biking around Cuba
    • Four things you need to do to go to Cuba with out asking Uncle Sam
      1. Professional
      2. Artist
      3. Non-profit operation
      4. Whisper whisper (did he say office party???)
    • Departing after Christmas, driving until he gets there.
  • Performance Announcement
    • 30 Paintings in 30 seconds
    • William S Burroughs
    • Family friendly
    • Contact Mario

Selection for Review of Security Camera Footage

  • In order to access surveillance video one person from the Member Group and the Board Group must agree to look at the recordings.
    • Members need to select two persons to represent the Member Group
      • Ted and Adrienne volunteer, nominated, elected. Done.
    • The Board also needs to select their people.

Guideline Process for Handling an Issue and Making a Proposal

  1. Champion suggests an issue for study, policy change, or rule revision
  2. Announce to list and / or meeting, call for participants
  3. Meet to discuss and write proposal
  4. If internal conflict, then head to Board for input or approval
  5. Final proposal publicized
  6. A vote on the proposal

2013 Annual Report

  • It's filed with the State of Michigan
  • Officers and Board of Directors is now official

3D Printer Fixing

  • Fixing the 3D Delta printer - Nikki
  • Tomorrow, Oct 2nd, there will be a posting on the email list

Sweeping Compound

  • To keep the dust out of the air - Aaron
  • Left to Metal Shop or Wood Shop for them to budget

Action Items



  • Konrad Brown
  • Justin Triplett
  • Matt "Bro" Oehrlein
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Sam Letvin
  • Maxwell Goneya-Alexander
  • Nicole Metivier
  • Scott Richardson
  • Nathaniel Bezanson
  • Mark Miles
  • Terry Wyan
  • Jason Dudycha
  • Matt Switlik
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Greg Smith
  • Dave Scholl
  • Aaron Greenwell
  • Chris Allington
  • Ryan Busch
  • Kevin Flory
  • Margaret Lyell
  • Christopher Platzer
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Joseph Conrad
  • Devon Truscott
  • Adrienne Johnson


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