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Agenda for 11-18-2014

Chair: Brian McPherson


New People-Thomas, Norman, "Jamie", Cameron, Jake, Richard, Mark

Show and Tell

  • A Tribble has Appeared! ( <3! )
  • John Fader: Piece of wood? For a Gun?

Old Business


Pop Coordinator

Action Item From Last Meeting: Terry - send email to the list about pop fund warden

  • Nate B has started using a group to-do list app for buying soda
  • Everything old is new again: Back in crowd-labor mode, with app-enabled coordination among volunteers. Oooo, futuristic!


from Last Meeting: Justin - Send out a T-Shirt survey to the members


  • Automatic External Defibrilator
  • Nate B: Philips HeartStart OnSite AED has been ordered, will mount cabinet at potlock, training plans to follow
  • Yay safety!



New Business

901 Wanda

  • The guys next door (Vix-Kirsch Vending,not B Nektar) are moving out (to the old Rocky Peanut place, looks like)
  • Some people went on tours of the space on Saturday.
  • The outcome of (what is now several days of) their collective brainstorming is on the whiteboard (and the wiki) for anyone to edit/comment on.
  • Images of the inside, and a revision history of the whiteboard, are on our new gallery
  • Still very theoretical
  • Need to make sure the new space will fit the requirements of i3 moving forward? -Sky Zone Coordinator Baumann

Solid Edge Class

  • Point of contact: Konrad B AKA harlie
  • Happening at i3 sometime in February
  • Siemens will teach us how, and i3 will make it fun!
  • The Henry Ford will help support the event

Open Board Position

  • Vote is still open! Check your email! Closes tomorrow at 9pm-ish

Video Tutorials

  • Nikki wants there to be videos on youtube demonstrating tools in their zone
  • Lucas will help with the editing and uploading
  • Lou (wearing blue!) also has lighting and camera equipment

Space Project Updates

Vent Booth

  • Point of Contact: Konrad B
  • Survey report
    • Variety of sprayables used
    • Majority of people want a paint booth
    • Optimal length seems to be 6'
    • Mixed response on whether sprayables should be outlawed

Tables in Lounge

  • Desks are almost done
  • Can't build shelves yet because desks are in heavy use
  • Next step: buying chairs! ($500 budget)
    • Jersey has some chairs of dubious quality

Zone updates

Bike Zone

mostly in hibernation

CNC Zone

  • Cut four prototype aluminum enclosures for Derek K. and his Kickstatrer project.
    • Turned out really nice.
  • Started working with Anthony G. on his aluminum heater block (part of a 3D printer).
    • First part cut worked as planned on the 3D printer.
  • Brian M. did some work on his project - CNC monitor stand.
  • Got the compressed air dryer moved over and piped in (thanks to Brian M.).
    • Fabed a new bracket to hold the dryer controller.
  • Getting ready to start work on a new instrument plate for a second pallet.
  • Busy busy busy.

Compute Zone

  • updated the wiki!
  • Or you could, like, you know, ask Justin, or whatever.
  • Laptop running a "server" to demo the new potential CRM
    • New Potential CRM: Tendenci
    • Based on python
    • Completely ready except Amazon Payments

Craft Room

  • Kevin wants to know what classes people want to take!
  • Calligraphy, gilding, other crafty things, let Kevin know!

E Lab

  • The next two zone-orientations, which were to fall on Thanksgiving and Christmas, have been cancelled and removed from the calendar. Please contact Nate B directly if you'd like a check-out on a tool or whatever.

Fab Lab

  • Pegasus 3D printer delivery late November or early December
  • Rostock MAX is down, again
    • Someone stole the pneumatic fittings that make it work
    • Andrew is getting tired of the random abuse his personal property is taking and is considering not allowing the i3Detroit community access to the printer anymore if this keeps up
    • Actually back up as of tonight, thanks for replacing bits.
  • Did we mention the new lights last meeting? There are new lights and they are awesome.

Infrastructure Zone

  • New Zone, the Laziest Zone
  • Evan A is the new Coordinator (the Laziest Coordinator)
  • We have a now and it has todo items, please add as you see fit, or tell me what you need and we'll get it done. Or help get things done! (But also update the ZW)

Recent Improvements:

  • Migrated to Soekris box for our router (same configuration, new smaller footprint).
  • Moved out of the big tall network rack and onto the wall.

Injection Molding

  • Large molder is wired, Hydraulic system is working, barrel moves forward/backwards.
  • Clamp doesn't respond to controls. Safety sensor may not be engaging or controller may be bad, more testing needed.
  • Hydraulic leak at clamp piston, new seals most likely needed, Leak is small currently.

(No further communication from the Windsor folks who had expressed interest; consider that dead. -- Nate B)

  • Class on the small one? Need molds for it, and it only takes 3"x3"x3" molds

Kiln Zone

Kiln Zone Updates are given in the First Tuesday meeting.

Laser Zone

We still have a Laser Zone

Metal Shop

  • Metal shop wardenship still in transition-possibly soon to be Levi
  • Still having problems with folks not cleaning up in the Shop!
    • There is a mystery endmill hanging in the Bridgeport right now.
    • Crap on the mill needs to be cleaned up by the last user too.
  • New blade installed on the Dake.
    • Expensive blade - please use with care.
    • Tuned up the Dake for near perfect strait square cuts.

Sky Zone

  • The Sky Zone has been up 100% of the last month.
  • No one expressed interest in the common area lighting/decorative lighting project.
  • Currently investigating replacement of remaining T12 fixtures, may assemble budget request.

Tool Crib

  • Authorization policy now posted for drills -- only the big rotary hammer requires personal checkout -- drill nest labels still need updating
  • Bought new tools
    • Proxxon Rotary Tool, commonly known as a dremel
    • Fish Tape

Tree House

no updates

Vinyl Zone

  • zone warden not here
  • still looking at new laptop/software

Welding Zone

  • Old welders are gone AND WE ACTUALLY GOT THE CHECK!
  • going to make a cart out of old sheet metal
  • soon going to have a downdrafft table
  • 4th screen made by Nikki-first real welding project!

Wood Shop

  • New sander & Bandsaw ordered
  • Going to put in dust collector drops at potlock


i3 MotorSports

  • need a place to permanently store #3 and our new car #33


  • L'Anse Creuse ARC Swap is Sunday Dec 7th at L’Anse Creuse High School.
    • LCARC is raffling off an IC-7200 HF Radio.
    • If i3 wants a club table there for PR or to sell some stuff,
    • Matt will get a table, Justin will coordinate members
  • i3 now has an antenna! (mostly)
    • This Saturday HAM people will finish the cabling
    • Hopefully they will start making calls


  • Kevin may coordinate with Ashley to take over reporting at meetings

Action Items

no action items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:30ish
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 33


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Lewis Dennison
  4. Kevin Flory
  5. Nathan Warnick-Fix all da shit
  6. Jake Gedrimas
  7. Levi Morey
  8. Charlie Rysenga
  9. John Fader
  10. Dave Scholl
  11. Greg Smith
  12. Steve Nowicki
  13. Matt Huber
  14. Nicole Weltman
  15. Matthew Gardeski
  16. Justin Triplett
  17. Evan "Tribblemaster" Allen
  18. Richard LePage
  19. Christopher Pyszera
  20. James ODell
  21. Steve Brook
  22. Madalyn Winans
  23. Paul Dalito
  24. Nicholas Andreson
  25. Nate Bezanson
  26. Amelia Meyer
  27. W. Scott Richardson
  28. Cameron Garalds
  29. Jamie Wagner
  30. Norman D.McDonald
  31. Jon Anderson
  32. Thomas Traney
  33. Matt "No Tribble" Arnold