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Agenda for 12-2-2014

Chair: Brian McPherson


  • We scared away some visitors
  • New member Greg will be a better paleontologist than Max, after working on furniture
  • 2 other new members who are busy learning how to close the space

Show and Tell

  • Steampunk Steve passed around his gorgeous steampunk cane
  • Lego plays with particle accelerators in his free time
    • Made super pretty lichtenburg figures
      • like frozen lightening captured in acrylic

Old Business




New Business


  • POC: Nate B
  • PotLock is happening Saturday, Dec. 6 starting at 12 noon.
    • Portmanteau of pot-luck, lock-in, and Nate's-really-tired-of-this-lame-portmanteau
    • Generally big items that require people to work together
  • The ToDo list has stuff that needs to be done
  • Use Potlock Menu Planning to coordinate food
  • Lots of infrastrcture stuff
  • Dust collector for new wood shop equipment

Training Video

  • POC: Nikki
  • Nikki talked to Lucas, he's all in to make these happen
  • Timeline is January to start filming, but we can plan before that
  • We do have a youtube account, i3Detroit

Storage Proposal =

Terry created a proposal that would create an "impound" yard that only board members could actually throw it out

  • Makes it easier for wardens to clean up their areas while still being respectful of people's things

New Board Member

Matt Arnold replaces Devon Truscott

Space Project Updates

  • Server Replacement - Evan
    • Awaiting Budget Proposal
  • New CRM - Jamie
    • Justin is working on new CRM
  • Desks for WhiteBoard Room - Justin
    • also has 42" TV and Chronovision TV
  • Caster Stands for Kiln - Terry
    • not here
  • New i3 PowerSports car - Jon
    • not here
  • Weld Zone Exhaust - Jody
    • not here, but no real progress as Jody doesn't know what he's doing
    • Talk to jody if you want to help
  • Rotary axis for Bumblebee - Roger
    • Roger found a couple, but will spend more money, waiting on budget
  • Outdoor sign for i3 - Greg
    • put on hold while Greg recuperates
  • Sign in Desk Foyer - Greg
    • put on hold while Greg recuperates
  • New Compressor - Evan
    • Now incorporated into infrastructure zone, as Evan prepares his mighty empire to rise up against the hitherto unchallenged Sky Zone
  • RFID for equipment - Charlie
    • Having a meeting tonight
    • We have a conceptual design going to try to decide hardware tonight
  • Tying the Keypad to the CRM - Evan
    • no update, not waiting on anything

Zone updates

Bike Zone

ZW not here

CNC Zone

ZW not here

Compute Zone

ZW not here

Craft Room

3 Classes in december, check the mailing list for details

E Lab

nothing to report

Fab Lab

No news.


  • Infrastructure TODO is actively being added to, contribute if you see something that needs doing
  • Formulating budget and plan for next year's upgrades (will be planned from the todo)
  • most of dumb POE has been converted to 802.3af
    • Secretary does not know what this means buy assumes it is good?

Injection Molding

worked on hydraulics a week or two ago for the broken injection molder

Kiln Zone

  • All kilns and Vacuuform are UP. Smells from recent session due to dust burnout. Will keep kilns closed between use.
  • New plastic in for Vacuuform. Will be cut up and placed in cart lower shelf.

Laser Zone

  • Buying new toys!
  • Next aser cutter class will be Wednesday, December 17th, 7-9pm

Metal Shop

  • Levi is the new warden!
    • Max thinks he deserves a "metal"....and will "shop" around.
      • Groan.
  • Levi has big plans; has not had the ambition beaten out of him yet.

Sky Zone

  • If you desire any maintenance, please submit requests to Coordinator.
  • If you want lighting changed/modified over any areas, please indicate now so that I can include it in the budget request. (cough cough drop lighting over tool crib, power drops, etc.)
  • "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that." -M.L.K.

Tool Crib

  • Bought a new corded drill-big, heavy duty 10A DeWalt
    • Coordinator overcompensating for something?
  • Thinking about making custom shelving/cubbies for the tools.
  • Thinking about how to best administer the workbenches on the side of the "I"
  • Missing the itty bitty Makita drill
    • Don't borrow tools without telling the warden/owner

Tree House

There's a mini-frdige with garden fresh salsa and ice cream Max

Vinyl Zone

ZW not here

Welding Zone

  • Everything is cool. Jody is on cold meds, but he is listening...

Wood Shop

  • New tools, dust collector being installed on potlock
  • Throwing out old things of mis-labeled glue, because safety


i3 MotorSports


HAM Swap is sunday, there are a few people going, contact Scott W if interested


on hold, Kevin is working on contacting Ashley

Action Items

no action items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:06
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 28


  1. Brian McPherson
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Mike Fink
  4. Ron Weber
  5. Gregory Hagedrn
  6. Nate "Mustard Pants" Warnick
  7. W. Scott Richardson
  8. Kevin Flory
  9. Amelia Meyer
  10. Levi Monsterface
  11. Matt Arnold
  12. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  13. Greg Smith
  14. Steve Nowicki
  15. Nicole Weltman
  16. Lewis Dennison
  17. Norman McDonalad
  18. David Henry
  19. Jan Henry
  20. Jamie Wagner
  21. Konrad Brown
  22. Dave Scholl
  23. Charlie Rysenga
  24. James ODell
  25. Steve Brook
  26. Scott Sheraga
  27. Nate Bezanson
  28. Evan Allen