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Agenda for 01-02-2018

Chair: Vivian Sanders


Experienced Members

  • Matt H has been a member forever and puts his hands in lots of pies. He's on the board, he used to run the fab lab, and he's full of dubious answers.
  • Tony is the machine shop coordinator, but his new kid is taking up most of his time lately.
  • Vivian has a background in product design engineering and is the i3 president.

New Members & Guests

  • Ben S joined a couple weeks ago. He has an IT background and is looking to learn in the wood shop.
  • Hans is stopping by to check us out.

Show and Tell

  • Jamie has an in-progress brioche knit cowl with lovely
  • Paul has an in-progress crochet

Old Business

  • The New Years Eve party was super awesome. Thanks Jody and Mark and everyone else who helped out!

New Business

Shop Cleanliness / Tool Damage

Vivian wants to remind everyone of some things going into the new year:

  • When something gets damanged, like the table saw guard was recently, please tell the zone coordinator.
  • Please remember to clean up after yourself. Don't think you'll do it later.
  • Others need to use the space too.


  • Vivian wants to get discussion going with anyone interested about potential expansion.
  • Our existing lease comes up for renewal and we should make sure we have a backup plan in place.
  • Jamie: We could go month to month
  • Ben: We could could ask for Right of First Refusal of the space next door to be written into the new lease
  • Tony: we need to make sure we're ready when we do expand so we're not spending money on something we're not using. And we need to have our budget figured out.
  • Vivian we also need to make sure we have insurance figured out before we move anything over there.
  • More discussion on this at next week's board meeting (Tuesday, Jan. 9) pending Vivian talking to the landlord.


  • Reminder we have a Henry Ford membership that can be checked out for up to 6 guests per visit. Talk to James if you're interested
  • We're still looking for ideas for themes for third-tuesday 'community' meetings. If you have an idea, pipe up!

Upcoming Events

Ditial Music Basics

January 14th, 3-5 pm, at i3Detroit

  • Learn music basics
  • Learn about keyboards
  • Learn how to start to play basic songs
  • If you don't know anything about music, come and learn some good stuff.

i3 Open House / Demo Day=

  • i3 Open House which was scheduled for Jan 27th is now rescheduled to mid March

Zone updates

Compute Zone

  • New toner cartridge for B&W printer purchased. Current one is low, but not empty yet.

Laser Zone

  • Terry is organizing both laser training classes as well as laser trainer training.
  • If you're an experienced user who wants to help, talk to Terry or Mike.

Machine Shop

  • Tony is looking for help/guidance from anyone with machinist experience to help with vetting/training members to be checked out to safely use the mill and the lathe.

Media Lab

  • Nothing to report. No problems reported to me.
  • Would like to get the drywall repair finished and the room painted soon.


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:00 pm
  • Attendees: 13

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. James O
  3. Andy L
  4. Paul L
  5. Bradlee W
  6. Matt H
  7. Jamie B
  8. Tony S
  9. Alec B
  10. Jaylene S
  11. Ben S
  12. Vivian S
  13. Kevin F

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