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Agenda for 06-18-2019

Chair: Vivian


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by Art (@artsandcrash on slack)
  • i3 is a community of artists, engineers, makers, scientists who value sharing knowledge and diversity of background

Experienced Members

  • Matt C is the VP of Membership (he sends the membership@i3 emails) and he can help with onboarding and if you have any questions about getting your key.
  • Mel is the treasurer and is the person to see if you have questions about money.

New Members & Guests

  • Brandon has always wanted to be a part of a makerspace since he read about them years ago
  • Lilly has been coming and working in the jewelry zone for awhile and is now joining
  • Julianne is currently a teacher but she just graduated with a masters in metalsmithing
  • Katlyn found i3 through friends, and she does woodworking and sewing
  • Deonte is in phase 3 and is a jack of all trades who wants to master some skills

Show and Tell

  • Brandon has a keyring he molded out of epoxy shaped like the head of a shark.
  • David shows an animation of his fire-shooting suits of armors that went to Lakes of Fire and will be coming to Maker Faire.
  • Roger had some i3 temporary tatoos made up, see him if you want one. He is also modeling a few other tatoos he made for groups at Lakes of Fire.
  • Katlyn is wearing a swooshy skirt she made out of t-shirt fabric
  • James T has a painting he recently finished for his grandma

New Business

Upcoming Events

See the Calendar for details on all upcoming events.

Detroit Maker Faire

  • This will be i3's 10th Maker Faire and its coming up in about a month and a half.
  • July 27-28, 2019
  • Kevin: Everything is welcome at Maker Faire as long as you made it or had a hand in making it.
    • Kevin is soliciting projects for display at Maker Faire, and he offers help getting it there and displaying it.


Mel: We're in the process of starting a 'Public Spaces Community Places' grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

  • It's a one-to-one matching grant, but we only get the match if we reach our fundraising target.
  • The fundraiser is done in a typical crowdfunding manner, and we can offer rewards for donations, including memberships.
  • The fundraiser will run July 8 to September 6
  • Q: Do we have premade verbage that we can post about this on Facebook and such?
  • Mel: we're working on a flyer and the main website for it, so we'll have something like that put together.
  • The grant is specifically for 'new public spaces' for which the expansion of i3 into a new space counts, but that means all funds raised must be used on the expansion.
  • Zone coordinators should have already gotten an email asking them to update their wishlists, so we will be able to say what we're planning to spend the money on.

Ferndale CoC

i3 joining the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.

  • He's involved with the group and has gotten some very interested responses from local small business owners.
  • Thursday morning this week they're having a 'Coffee Connection' where the Mayor City Council will be making breakfast for the local businesses.
  • Any member is free to stop by. Check with Art (@artsandcrash on Slack) for details.

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • Having an issue with sending file transfer via RS 232. Troubleshooting cables/connectors. Not resolved yet. Haas unusable until this is resolved.
  • New rate in effect to help fund the zone: $10 for push of start button and that gets an hour of spindle time. $10/hour of spindle time after that pro-rated. Voitek working on a display to track and display usage and amount due.

Electronics Lab

  • New heatshrink since someone mentioned we're out. That's how things get replaced, so be sure to let Nate know if we're out (or better yet, almost out) of something.

Injection Molding

  • Pretty quite right now but need to get molding more Minecraft parts and First Robotics tank treads. We are designing a drive system for the tank tread and hope to have something for Makerfaire....
  • Minecraft Earth is coming out in closed beta this summer. An augment reality version of the game.
  • Will have another class early fall but remember that if you have questions we can do 1 on 1 class/information sessions any time.

Space Project Updates


There's a rough roadmap and ToDo list on the Expansion page. No exact timeline yet since that is CoO dependent. A number of members have been working hard to turn the dividing wall between A and B sides into a fire barrier, but we need help. Stay tuned to the mailing list for organized work days/nights, or take a look at the ToDo list and try to check something off. Check with Mike F, Evan A, or Mark F if you have questions.

  • Reminder from JT that scraping paint and mold is hazardous so make sure to wear a dust mask if you're doing that.



  • Letterpress training available upon request; e-mail Ashley Lesser.
  • Seeking Maker Faire demo volunteers! If you're not trained but would like to be, this is a great way to learn.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:15
  • Attendees: 14+

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Mark F
  3. Lilly M
  4. Greg G
  5. Brandon W
  6. Matt C
  7. Paul L
  8. Mel G
  9. Aisha B
  10. Clayton M
  11. Nickolas A
  12. Gary M
  13. Bryan W
  14. Nate B

...and others, but the attendance sheet didn't make it the whole way around. Feel free to add yourself if you were here and aren't listed

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