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Agenda for 07-02-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by Nate B (and a different person every meeting)
    • What we are: a set of ideas and the people united by those ideas and the community of those people
    • How we define success: When Nate wears his i3 shirt, and when he walks into another hackerspace, and someone says "Oh, i3Detroit"
    • What we value: Contributing to shared knowledge, leaving things better than we found it, to help everyone stand on the shoulders of giants

Experienced Members

  • Steve N owns the orange CNC router, and he's working on CNC-cut wooden phone stands for our fundraiser.
  • Art is one of the member advocates

New Members & Guests

  • Tim is working on his phase 2 and is at his first meeting
  • Katie is a regular guest and she'll be helping out with the ceramics kilns while Vanessa is away.
  • Jodie has been a guest in the jewelry zone and is in the process of joining and looks forward to becoming a part of the community.

Show and Tell

  • David is working on a token system for flame effect control, to make the Fire Knights coin operated, i.e. the Maker Faire funding edition.

New Business

Upcoming Events

See the Calendar for full details.

  • Next Monday (soon!!!) 7/8/2019 is the kickoff of the MEDC match-grant fundraiser.
  • Tomorrow 7/3 is the weekly Expansion meeting and work-night.
  • Also tomorrow, the Bi-Monthly Sew Up.
  • Friday 7/5 is Friday Night Tours and Open Craft Room.
  • Sunday 7/7 is the i3 Motorsports weekly meeting.
  • Tuesday 7/9 is the monthly board of directors meeting.
  • Thursday 7/11 is the weekly Expansion meeting and work-night.
  • Saturday 7/13 is the Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Meetup and the Stitch 'n' Bitch.
  • Sunday 7/4 is Sew It's Sunday and the i3 Motorsports weekly meeting.

i3 Ferndale CoC Coffee Connection

POC: Art

  • i3 will be hosting the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Coffee Connection at 8 am on August 22. We could use a few i3 members to be on-hand to talk to members of the local small business community.

Zone updates

Craft Room

  • Sewing: a number of requests have come in for serger training. We do have one serger currently available, the Singer. Kevin Flory knows how to thread this one pretty well and has been helping people to get started, and we have a foot pedal, borrowed from the retired Imagine serger.
  • The new Babylock serger is authorization only, and the training program for that is in development. It has been an ongoing project and your patience is appreciated. The intention of the training is to teach you what to do when things go wrong or when using difficult materials or techniques, etc. It goes beyond threading, and the hope is that by doing this we will extend the life of the machine in this shared environment.
  • On the topic of machine authorization, be familiar with what machines require authorization, and only use them if you are trained and authorized. The Husqvarna machines all have covers on them, and three of them require training and authorization. Please read these notices on the machines. They have been put there to inform you. Also, the information is on the wiki too so there is no excuse to not be informed. "I didn't know" will not save you.
  • We are currently raising $300 to buy the Designer 1 electronic sewing and embroidery machine that is in our possession. I think the intention is to coordinate this with the MEDC grant fundraising campaign. As we already have two sewing and embroidery machines, the intention is for the Designer 1 to be primarily a sewing machine. The Emerald is ok but the Designer 1 has more functions and probably better button holes.
  • Don't forget to reimburse the sewing dept. donation box for thread or other materials used (ones for reimbursement are marked) and machine time so we can have them properly maintained. The Singers and Kenmores are currently maintained in-house but the Husqvarna and Babylock machines see a tech. (I understand this is in conflict with the Makerspace mentality but now we have the Kenmores so work with A'Lisa if you want to learn maintenance on those, that should keep you busy. I'm still using outside techs for the electronic mysteries.)

Electronics Lab

  • Lots of new breadboards, thanks to James for asking for them!

Fab Lab

  • Honest, a WhenIsGood is going out today for Form2 3d Printer Trainer Training!



  • Open Sew Wednesday July 3, bring a project to work on! Also July 14 is tentatively set for an open sew plus Project Day for Copycats Costume camp, to get ready for the 2020 event. Open Sew is not a class or workshop. Rather, it's an opportunity to bring a project and sew among others and get a little help if you need it and share what you know -- be social. While help is given and information is shared, it is not a private lesson. Be mindful that others may not be able to set aside their project and sit with you. It's typical that if you ask a question and receive an answer and direction, you'll work to complete that task and your helper is working on their project.


Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:53
  • Attendees: 18

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Josh A
  3. Katie C
  4. Sean W
  5. Arthur M
  6. Amelia M
  7. Vivian S
  8. Steve N
  9. Nasir S
  10. Greg G
  11. James O
  12. Jodi G
  13. Ann Marie M
  14. David H
  15. Paul L
  16. Nate B
  17. Tim W
  18. Matt C

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