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Agenda for 08-20-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by a different volunteer each month - 2 minutes

Experienced Members

  • Matt C said some things before the secretary has his computer out
  • Paul L is a board member and on the fundraising committee
  • Rob L has been a member since 2013 but hasn't been here to much lately. He's going to be taking over the vinyl zone from Charlie.
  • Art(sAndCrash) is one of our member advocates
  • Matt A has been a member for 8 years. He's the classroom zone coordinator.

New Members & Guests

  • Frank is a friend of Rob and he's been meaning to come by. He's interested in industrial art.

Show and Tell

  • Steve is working on an engraved wooden music box.
  • Mike has added lighting and 3d-printed enclosures to Jamie's dragon staff. It lights up all pretty like with multiple patterns.
  • Lew has a couple leather messenger bags/purses

New Business

Upcoming Events

Election 2019

  • Nominations close at midnight tonight.
  • Stump speeches/Q&A will be held after tonight's meeting.
  • Voting will be opened soon (announced in the email list by the Secretary) and will run until the next meeting on Sept 2, 2019.
  • All members in good standing are allowed to vote.

MEDC Fundraising Campaign

  • The campaign runs through October 4th.
  • We have raised approximately $8,000 of the $50,000 needed.
  • We need people to help out; contact the fundraising committee at fundraising@i3detroit.org to see how you can help.

Some ways to help:

  • Pass out the i3 flyers with the grant cards in them at local festivals which are in full swing this time of year
  • Talk to local businesses, many donate to local non-profits but please coordinate with the fundraising committee first so we don't all harass the same business
    • Car dealers are known to be somewhat generous
    • Walmart store managers have a donation budget
  • Talk to your employer, many have a donation program for non-profits that their employees volunteer at
  • Make something that can be given away as an incentive on our Patronicity campaign website

Events Before the Next Meeting

Tuesday, August 20
After the Meeting: Board Candidate Stump Speeches and Q&A
After the Meeting: Maker Faire Debriefing
Wednesday, August 21
All Afternoon/Evening: Cleanup for the Chamber of Commerce Coffee
Thursday, August 22
8:00AM: Coffee with the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce
7-10PM: Expansion Meeting/Work Night
7-10PM: Monthly BeagleBone Meetup
8-9PM: Electronics Lab Orientation with Nate B
Friday, August 23
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Saturday, August 24
12-4PM Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
4-6PM: Stitch 'N' B!t¢ħ
Wednesday, August 28
7-10PM: i3 Detroit Sewing Semi-Monthly Sew Up
Thursday, August 30
7-11PM: Bonus Game Night
7-10PM: Expansion Meeting/Work Night
7-10PM: VR Meetup
Friday, August 31
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Tuesday, September 3
6:30-7:30PM: Fundraising Committee Meeting
7:30PM: September 1st Tuesday Members Meeting

Permits vs Tickets

  • Yellow permits are self-signed temporary permits for leaving your project out overnight or a couple days. Only valid in large project storage.
  • Green is longer term and needs to be signed by a zone coordinator or officer.
  • Permits are not the same as tickets!
  • Remember to read the permits. They're only for members to use, not guests.

Live-streamed Making

  • Thomas is looking to organize a live-streaming night soon to highlight people working on projects to help boost our fundraiser.
  • If you'd like to be on- or behind-camera talk to Thomas.

Zone updates

Wood Shop

  • The drum sander belt changing procedure is changing. We're switching from pre-cut belts to bulk belts so we can get a wider variety of belt types.



  • Thanks Sasha for volunteering during Maker Faire! And thanks to everyone who helped load/unload the press cart. We were able to keep it running for the bulk of Saturday and part of Sunday! The letterpress is always a popular demo there from kids (who love getting their own print right before their eyes) to adults (some of whom are printers themselves, or just carved a block once in art class).
  • We've got notecards, postcards, and coasters up for grabs in the MEDC campaign!
  • Might schedule a public class soon if I can get help with the lasers.
  • As always, training upon request: amplesser at gmail


Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:53
  • Attendees: 28

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Karianne G
  2. Thomas T
  3. Steve N
  4. Chris W
  5. Frank U
  6. Sarah G
  7. Vanessa L
  8. Matt C
  9. Paul L
  10. Matt A
  11. Sean W
  12. David H
  13. Arthur M
  14. Vivian S
  15. A'Lisa K
  16. Jamie B
  17. Charlie R
  18. Jan H
  19. Rob L
  20. Bryan W
  21. Kevin F
  22. Nate B
  23. Amelia M
  24. Mike F
  25. Greg G
  26. Andrew L
  27. James O
  28. L.U. C

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