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Agenda for 09-03-2019

Chair: Vivian


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Jody is the furthest from the ground and thus gave today's introduction

Experienced Members

  • Thomas is the wood shop coordinator and a small business entreprenuer and wearer of many hats. He makes guitars, is running the open lutherie initiative. Ask him to make you a drink from any of the many liquers stored here.
  • Jody is an outgoing board member and the weld zone coordinator.

New Members & Guests

  • Ray is a new member, he's learning the laser cutter and is interested in circuit python.
  • Pete is working on adding led lighting to his boat.

Show and Tell

  • n/a

Old Business

    • Board of directors vote ends tonight at 11:59 pm.

New Business

Upcoming Events

MEDC Fundraising Campaign

  • Deadline is October 4
  • We are currently at $7,500 of the $50,000 goal
  • We desperately need volunteers to help:
    • Pass out the i3 flyers with the grant cards in them at local festivals which are in full swing this time of year
    • Talk to local businesses, many donate to local non-profits but please coordinate with the fundraising committee first so we don't all harass the same business
    • Car dealers are known to be somewhat generous
    • Walmart store managers have a donation budget
    • Talk to your employer, many have a donation program for non-profits that their employees volunteer at
    • Make something that can be given away as an incentive on our Patronicity campaign website
  • Contact the Fundraising Committee at fundraising@i3detroit.org to coordinate or to ask if there are other ways to help or to submit other ideas for how to help
  • Thomas is organizing a marathon livestream promotion event for the fundraiser and needs a lot of help. There will be an email about it soon!
  • Jeff would like to donate to the fundraiser with the stipulation that he can direct what the matched funds are used for, specifically new shop vacs.
  • Discussion about dust levels in the wood shop.
  • Mel: From an accounting perspective, this is very difficult since MEDC has their own restrictions on what the money can be used for.
  • Jody is setting up pledges on the Wishlist to track what people want to purchase with expansion funds.
  • Thomas: with wood shop funds he'll be prioritizing things on the wishlist.


Tuesday, September 3
11:59PM: Board Election Voting Ends
Thursday, September 5
7-10PM: Game Night
7-10PM: Expansion Meeting/Work Night
Friday, September I 6
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Saturday, September 7
1-4PM: Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
4-6PM: Stitch 'N' B!t¢ħ
Tuesday, September 10
7:30PM: September Board Meeting (first meeting of the new board)
Wednesday, September 11
7-10PM: i3Detroit Sewing Semi-monthly Sew Up
Thursday, September 12
7-10PM: Expansion Meeting/Work Night
Friday, September 13
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Tuesday, September 17
7:30PM: September 3rd Tuesday Member Meeting

Space Consumables

  • We are going through space consumables at an increasing rate. We're either going to have to dig into our savings/pockets to buy more or start using less. This is an opportunity for membership to weigh in with their ideas.
  • We normally budget $1,000 for the year for paper towels, toilet paper, forks, etc.
  • As of last month, we've spent $955 which is pretty far ahead of what we expected.
  • Nate: Does that scale with an increase in members?
  • Mel: I don't have data on that now but maybe.
  • Bryan: do we know which items are our most expensive items that we might be able to cut back on.
  • Mel: Not tracking per item now but we could go through receipts if we want to look deeper on that.
  • Nate: We also might be buying things more as a group since we're tracking things better with dash buttons.
  • Some discussion on reducing use of things like paper towels.
  • Vivian suggests an email to the group to remind everyone of this.
  • Paul suggests vinyl-ing all the towel dispensers.

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • The Haas is still down. It can't received serial communications. This problem began over the weekend of June 7th this year. The local Haas service people have indicated the processor board needs replacement. This $600 service call was arranged for at no charge by new i3 member Tim Zott utilizing his connections within the CNC industry. Thanks a bunch Tim! We have received authorization from the i3 Board for financial help, up to $2,500. Before requesting any of that money Tim is inquiring about further financial help from his contacts for the repair. A final decision on the direction for repair will be made on Oct. 1st this year. Hopefully by Nov 1st this year it will be back up and running.

Electronics Lab

  • Please use the AC-powered fan, the linear PSU feeding the DC one just wastes heat in the lab.
  • Anyone interested in a JTAG learn-things-together session, pipe up in Slack
  • Thank you to everyone who's been keeping the lab mostly clean
  • Junk on the tables may be.... disposed of.

Injection Molding

  • Maint. and control upgrades to the small molder should be complete by end of October. The large molder has been deemed too expensive to refurbish and is being scrapped out with potential Ebay sale of the 3 hydraulic valves.

Kitchen Zone

  • First status report. Yay!
  • We have a dishwasher. We need to pay for the dishwasher. It's a $4,000-$6,000 dishwasher used. I got it for under $500 at an auction. I fronted the money but I'm unemployed so please, everybody, pitch in to help reimburse me. You can donate here: donate, via PayPal to treasurer@i3detroit.org, or via cash by putting it in an envelope in the treasurer's box. Please mark all donations, online or cash, as "MEDC contribution for the dishwasher". Dishwasher contributions will be added towards the $50,000 match goal.

Welding Zone

  • Reminder to email or slack Jody if you're interested in welding classes.
  • Also could do some fabrication classes with current space projects for new tables and wl

Wood Shop

  • We have a finalized list of volunteers as tool wardens.
  • More things in the zone are going to start being priced out soon



  • Car 3 is mostly EV chargable, needs some mounting/wire routing.
  • Car 13 needs a lot more work on the frame, but has the pieces to turn electricity into spin.
  • Looking for someone to actually manage a team. Talk to Mark or David.
  • There are a few people who can help but without someone trying to schedule things and pushing for things to happen not much will happen.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:30
  • Attendees: 20

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. David H
  2. Nate B
  3. James O
  4. Bryan W
  5. Mike F
  6. Jan H
  7. Mel G
  8. Megan E
  9. L.U. C
  10. Andy L
  11. Thomas T
  12. Greg G
  13. Andrew L
  14. Pete T
  15. Jeff P
  16. Ray M
  17. Jody R
  18. Paul L
  19. Mark F
  20. Vivian S

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