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Agenda for 04-07-2020

Chair: Jamie Burdeski

Meeting Location

Google Hangouts Meet (i3detroit.org/hangouts)

Meeting was Called to Order At: 7:35pm


Experienced Members

  • Many people said hi

New Members & Guests

  • No virtual guests

Show and Tell

  • Thomas is promoting Artist Relief Tree who are streaming popular artists and animators. Also watch our podcast on Friday nights at [url]!
  • Karianne has been working on leather masks and showed the off

New Business

Upcoming Events

  • i3TV Podcast on Fridays at 9:30pm
  • Board of Directors meeting at 7:30pm 4/14/2020 at i3detroit.org/hangouts

Discussion of i3 COVID-19 Policy

Zone updates

Craft Room

  • If anyone would like to borrow a sewing machine from the space to sew face masks and such, talk to Jan.
  • We also have a few other people who have machines they would loan out if needed.

Fab Lab

  • If people would like to borrow 3d printers to make medical stuff for the COVID-19 emergency, the coordinator (agmlego) is ammenable to the idea. Just come up with a fair process and let her know.

Wood Shop

  • If anyone needs to borrow any of the portable equipment, talk to Thomas.

Space Project Updates

  • We got a new report (code review) from the architect. It's posted in #expansion on slack.




Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Attendees: 11

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Mike F
  2. Ben J
  3. David H
  4. Jamie B
  5. Paul L
  6. Jan H
  7. Karianne G
  8. Lewis D
  9. Mel G
  10. Roger S
  11. Thomas T

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