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Minutes for 09-01-2020

Chair: Jamie

Meeting Location


Meeting was Called to Order At: 1935


Experienced Members

  • Paul, Part of the new Board. Works a lot in the fablab, and with the cosplay Sig.
  • Matt, Vp of Membership also on the board.

Show and Tell

  • William Kent: 3D printed Power Ranger helmet
  • Que Shark photoshop, and Brass poker Tool
  • Mike Air Grating
  • A’Lisa Water color painting of a Bee.

Old Business

  • Election concluded. Congrats new board members.
  • * Ashley Lesser, Mark Furland, Matt Carpenter, Mel Gilchrist, Paul Frick, Evan Allen, Jan Henry.

New Business

  • Habitat for Humanity is renovating as is looking to donate a matched set of vending machines. Details are on slack.

Upcoming Events

Covid Committee

  • Met twice in August
  • Next meeting is Wed 20200916 1930
  • Currently working on a rules re-write that would allow the space to be used for more than just "manufacturing activities" and would relax some of the strict-sounding language to make the space more accessible

Zone updates


  • William Kent self-nominated for Classroom ZoCo.

Fab Lab

  • Resin printer has returned. See Fablab slack for more info.

Machine Shop

  • Acquired a new shear, is Thicc as Fuk. Can be found on B.

Space Project Updates

  • Ashley talked to the city about a temp CoO. But they seem confused, emails are now being sent to follow up.
  • Architects are setting up an in person meeting for more info on requirements on final CoO
  • New RFID door set up seems to be working well.
  • Tech Tsar search continues, along with other Tech infrastructure projects. See CRM slack channel for more info.



  • William Kent needs someone to train him in proper application of Smooth-On XTC-3D. I tried it myself, and it ended in near disaster. Am willing to pay.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 2025
  • Attendees: 12

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Que
  2. Jamie
  3. Mel
  4. David
  5. Greg
  6. Matt
  7. A’Lisa
  8. William
  9. Nate
  10. Walker
  11. Jody
  12. Mike

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