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Minutes for 08-18-2020

Chair: A’Lisa

Meeting Location


Meeting was Called to Order At: 1948


Experienced Members

  • William, Cosplay SIG Member
  • Matt, Has been a member of i3 for 5 years and is currently on the board
  • Mel, The next time I show you my butt it will be intentional.

Show and Tell

  • Mike, Word cloud drawn from meeting minutes.
  • William, Went to a resin casting supply store.
  • A’Lisa, Finished her tatting project.

Old Business

  • The Bylaws change passed at the last meeting, also passed at the board meeting. Two year board terms have now been added to the bylaws.

New Business

Treasurer Update

  • We are currently going through the CRM and marking members who are behind on dues and haven’t contacted treasurer to make arrangements, as inactive and they will not receive an email to participate in the vote.


  • Nomination close at midnight tonight.
  • Nominees have 48hrs to accept.
  • Ballots will go out on the 25th.
  • Ballots will counted at 1800 on the 1st.
  • Please return you ballot even if you dont vote for anyone for quorum.

Upcoming Events

Zone updates


  • Still needs a Zone Coordinator

Commons Area

  • Still needs a Zone Coordinator

Kiln Zone

  • Glass Co Coordinator Needed

Media Lab

  • Looked into SkillShare nonprofit discount options. They responded with an offer of $50/year per user (rather than the full price of $100/year), with a minimum of 20 users, totaling $1000/year. That price point is too high but I think it is still worth looking into having a single shared i3 SkillShare account.

Wood Shop

  • Still needs a Zone Coordinator

Space Project Updates

  • Meeting scheduled for Monday the 24th. Further details in the expansion channel.



  • i3 Virtual Sewciety begins Wednesday August 19 and runs weekly on Meet (or Discord). 7-9pm. It's a meetup. Chat and sew.


  • still on hiatus. Looking for new programing ideas. Pls contact the i3tv channel in slack for more info.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:2016
  • Attendees:13

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. A’Lisa
  2. Que
  3. Nate
  4. David
  5. Matt
  6. Jamie
  7. William
  8. Jan
  9. Jody
  10. Robert
  11. Mel
  12. Mike
  13. Andrew

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