Friday Robot Fight Night (Beta)

Robot Knife Fight is ready for some player testers.  Ted and I will be at the  shop this Friday (2013-06-28) starting at 8pm to help people get up to speed in how to compete and run a game.  Bring your laptop with the Arduino IDE already installed.  If you want to help improve the arena’s python code, clone the git repo. If scheduling permits we will be doing this every Friday until Detroit Maker Faire 2013.

RBCreation; SUCCESS!!!!

After a long weekend full of emotion and sweat, i3Detroit was awarded the Team’s Choice award!!!



this means they were voted as all the other teams’ favorite!


They won a pretty BA 40 watt laser cutter from Full Spectrum Lasers!!!


we are DROOLING back in Detroit; can’t wait to get our hands on this!

[insert picture of Eric and Sean here]

A huge shout-out to our team members Eric and Sean; who actually both missed their first father’s day to compete in the Red Bull Creation Challenge…Great job guys, I’m sure your kids will be proud :)


also…Matt’s hair is doing just fine

RBCreation: Down to the wire–30 minutes remain




We are down to the last 1/2 hour of the competition, an dour team is working so hard!


Huge thanks to Lincoln Electric and Torchmate for the awesome Plasma-cut logo



our team is exhausted — but they are finishing right down to the last second

999266_10103254762107580_785181011_n 296112_10103254759677450_792737359_n


The “WhirlyTubulator” will go live for demonstration at 6:30pm.

We know our team is really focused on getting their creation finished because we have not received an updated photo of Matt’s hair…

but here’s a snap of it on the live-feed; along with Eric and Sean!


We’re confident that our team will get rave reviews!


RBC- Dawn of the Final Day

A lot has happened in the past day-ish;

Image 2013-06-14 2

The team is really enjoying the sights that NYC has to offer.

marie and matt

Matt and Marie on the subway!

Image 2013-06-14 4

A lot of public transit was involved; working with mission control to find items that they were lacking.

Image 2013-06-14 1      996172_10103250165050120_822061495_n

Big decisions were made, and many items were purchased to build the creation. (nice clipboard!)


Our team was up for the majority of night going “balls-to-the-wall” trying to make the coolest and most interesting musical instrument that anyone has ever seen.


Of course, making friendly with the other teams – giving off that Dirty D charm.


Cliche progress photo–What on earth is going on!? Zip ties are key!




Pulleys! (Damn, bro, your tats look rad!)

Our team is near exhaustion today–and we are all waiting anxiously to see the final product…Win or lose; we are so proud of our team representing Detroit in such a positive way. Displaying the amazing talent that came out of the D speaks volumes of a city that is constantly shed in a negative light. We make cool stuff!

Image 2013-06-14 3

Oh yeah….Matt’s hair is doing just fine! <3